scizor112's Spartan III WIP (First Project) [Uber Pic Heavy]

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by scizor112, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Update! So I ran out of white Cardstock, but luckily I was able to find a crapload of colored stuff; most of my Peps from now on are gonna be colorful! I got a new Forearm piece Pepped last night, and this one is the right size. I would've taken a picture of the full arm with the Bicep on but I kinda forgot since I had just woke up.

    Kinda Wonky. But I think I can fix it when I glass everything.
    Once again, Cardboard.
    IT FITS!

    I should be doing the other Forearm and Bicep, as well as finishing up the Chest Piece this week. Also, I think I'm gonna have to get a job so I can afford the Resin, Undersuit, etc.

    The Backstory is coming along nicely, I'll post it on a Blog or something for your reading pleasure when it's finished.
  2. odst fng

    odst fng Jr Member

    Man, that is looking great! I cant wait to see what else is coming along...

    and btw I like your backstory

    keep it up!
  3. TJX62

    TJX62 Member

    Hmmm... A multi colored Spartan. Very interesting to see when it's all pepped out lol. Keep it up! Hopefully I'll be able to catch up to you eventually lol
  4. HistoryFox

    HistoryFox Jr Member

    Lookin' groovy with the blue dude!
  5. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thanks guys! So I tried the whole arm on last night and the Bicep was too big; I could hardly bend my arm. I've made a smaller one and it fits perfectly. I know I said that I was gonna finish up the Chest and other arm, but after about another hour I need another break from the chest - it's so freaking detailed I'm gonna cry! Instead, I'm Pepping my Commando Shoulder Pauldron. BTW, I love that shoulder - it's big, bulky and magical! I'll upload pics of the new Bicep piece (well actually the whole arm) after I'm done with the Commando.
  6. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    IT'S UPDATE TIME! I'm so happy right now; the Commando Shoulder Pauldron turned out perfect on the first try, and it's the right size too! I've got a lot of pics for you guys. Firstly though, I have to show off the new (and correctly sized) Bicep.



    That turned out really well. I know it might be a smidge too big, but it's the absolute smallest I can make the piece and still be able to get it over my elbow. I really don't want to have to split anything other than the COD and Chest. Anyways I know you guys really want to the see shoulder more than a re-Pep. And it's in clashtastic colors as well!

    MOAR CARDBOARD! (This stuff is like my new best friend)

    I didn't take very many pictures of it because in all honesty it's a pretty straightforward piece. But ya know what, I wanted to have some fun and give myself a little ego boost, so I ever-so-gently taped the shoulder and bicep together and viola! Left arm finished save for Tacpad.

    Goin' Commando ;)

    Hope you guys like the pics. What's next on the agenda, in addition to the rest of the chest, is the right arm. I've got enough money to order my resin, I just have to convince dad to let me use his eBay account. Anyways, I'm hoping that with these smaller Peps (~40 or less pieces) I can keep my current pace of one piece completed every 1-3 nights. Let me know what you guys think!

    P.S. (to all you metalheads out there):
    Listen to Born of Osiris. You will have an eargasm, trust me.
  7. sandy1973

    sandy1973 Well-Known Member

    All comes together very nicely and colorful too :)
  8. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thanks! The Bicep/Shoulder should sit a little higher but they weren't cooperating for the picture and my photographer is clueless. Yeah, all my stuff is gonna be colorful for a while because it was FREE! Your scepticism was correct; that original Bicep was way too big. I'm extremely pleased with the size of the Commando Pauldron - most all of them I have seen have been too small.
  9. vshore100


    looks great scizor. Nice pep work buddy.
  10. SkullBoy13

    SkullBoy13 Member

    Man. Cool Idea making struts with cardboard :) And Awesome and clean Work! :D Keep up the gud work and Good Luck! :D
  11. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    +1 for 100th post!

    Thanks bro! It means a lot to hear compliments from such a talented artist!

    Thank you for the compliments! I decided to use cardboard because I really didn't like how flimsy the cardstock supports were; I'm scared the pieces would still warp with resin. The cardboard is pretty easy to bend to the shape I want and it stays really firm. I'll be doing the right arm this week, so stay tuned for even more clashtastic colored Pepwork!
  12. Fudz073

    Fudz073 Member

    Lovin the progress. Colors are a nice change. After my build, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at another piece of white card stock without feeling some form of frustration... or an innate need to cut, fold, and glue it too something...

    Keep up the awesome work!
  13. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    I know exactly how you feel lol, I've been doing papercraft stuff since I was old enough to wield a pair of scissors and not mutilate everything in sight. Speaking of, here's more colors for you guys. Both Biceps are now Pepped; as soon as I finish this post I'm starting work on the Security Shoulder Pauldron.


    Gettin' Mah Sexy Face On!

    How I'm storing my "tubular" pieces. (I'm running out of flat surfaces in my room)

    Enjoy guys; more pics soon.
  14. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    fantastic work man, looks awesome
    btw do you know how you are going to do the chest attachment? emile's grenade belt type thing?
  15. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thank you muchly! I've got an idea; I'm pepping one of the 'Nade Launcher grenades and I have a friend who is going to help me cast all ten. The Flashbangs are a little more tricky though. I'm thinking of cutting the ends off of soda cans, reinforcing the inside so they aren't so flimsy, capping them off with carboard, and then doing resin/bondo work on the outside so they're all smooth and pretty. I'm gonna attach it all with Nylon straps and clips.
  16. thorn696


    You're build is looking great, pep work looks clean. I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks altogether when done. Keep us posted.
  17. Road Kill

    Road Kill

    yeah sure thing man
    oh ok i see what you are going to do, i am going to do the same thing but where the belt that holds the grendaes i am going to use some elastic just not sure about the grenades
  18. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Well, I've lost a little momentum on this project due to various things (homework, feeling lousy, playing guitar more, talking to pretty people from class :D) but fear not! I am still alive and Pepping! Didn't get as much done as I had hoped to, but here is what I managed:


    Turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. My photographer didn't want to stop watching a movie to take pictures so I couldn't get a sizing shot of myself wearing it. But I did take this picture which is better than nothing:


    Before you guys go all "IT'S TOO BIG!" lemme justify; the measurements I have from my screenshots suggest that the Security Pauldron is actually larger than the Commando. However, it sits lower on the Bicep, giving the illusion that it is smaller.

    Thanks man! I'm doing what I can!

    Yeah, I have no idea how I'm going to attach the grenades to the COD Piece just yet. Possibly some magnets so I can go all "Frag out!" on people.

    Enjoy the pics guys, I'll be doing more work on this over the weekend. I'm just too sick and tired (like actually sick and actually tired) to do anything else tonight.
  19. Pipinacan

    Pipinacan Well-Known Member

    Dude for real? Only word I can think of is WICKED! Great job so far man!
  20. BLACKULA727

    BLACKULA727 Well-Known Member

    I must have been under a rock because this is the first I've seen of the build. With that said, it looks great. I went through the entire thread. Fantastic pep work. Also, I like that you don't settle for good enough. I'm glad that you take the time to rebuild something if it does not fit your vision of how its suppose to look. Keep doing what you do. It's definitely the sign of talent. Be good!

  21. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thanks man!

    Thanks! Yep, I'm very particular with my work, and I'm always looking for ways to make it better. I just wish I had more time to work on this!
  22. XxCrossFadexX

    XxCrossFadexX Jr Member

    Fantastic pep work! Really clean!
  23. maxrad99

    maxrad99 New Member

    amazing, truly amazing work man.
    cant wait to see more and im sure it will turn out great.
  24. HistoryFox

    HistoryFox Jr Member

    Gotta say this is looking really good. I'm glad Ive been keeping an eye on it.
  25. Jocko03

    Jocko03 New Member

    Looks good man, keep it up. Even if you just do a little here and a little there, it adds up.

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