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scizor112's Spartan III WIP (First Project) [Uber Pic Heavy]

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by scizor112, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. vshore100


    Great work scizor. Your pep work is looking great buddy. You really are doing an awesome job!:)

    RTGCBT Member

    SOMEONE GET THIS MAN A COOKIE!!!! D:!!! Cause you certainly deserve one, Nice job.
  3. odst fng

    odst fng Jr Member

    yeah great job on the shoulders, they are looking great!
  4. NorthStar

    NorthStar New Member

    i keep thinking of using colored card stock just to get out of using white all the time, turns out it looks awesome! great work man
  5. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thanks everybody! Sorry I haven't been on in a little while; I've been really busy with homework and I'm playing guitar a lot now because I might be in a band soon. I'll have more pics this week, stay tuned!
  6. Aidanator22

    Aidanator22 New Member

    Try red bull 12 oz cans they should match grenade size better
  7. SplitGears

    SplitGears New Member

    Is there some way i can get the chest pepakura assault/sapper i cant find it anywhere. All help i will be grateful for.

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