scizor112's Spartan III WIP (First Project) [Uber Pic Heavy]

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by scizor112, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Greetings all 405th Members! So I've been browsing this forum for the past few weeks drooling over everyone's spectacular work and I dare say it's time I start my own. I will be building my Spartan III from Halo: Reach. So, without further adieu, let me introduce Spartan Vlädimyhr V-637 (anyone who gets the reference in the Service Tag can have a cookie):
    I had to Photoshop the grenade belt on the Vanity picture because for some reason it's not included with the Assault/Sapper Harness. -_-

    Anyone interested can check out all the Reference Screenshots I took here.

    (All Pepakura files used for construction will be released here as I start work on the piece)

    Helmet: First layer of hardening applied with 15 minute Epoxy.
    JFO Helmet by IroniumCostuming

    Chest: Pepping.
    Chest Piece by L3X BLU3R1V3R

    Assasult/Sapper Chest & COD Attachment: Brainstorming.

    Handplates: Pepped, ready for hardening.
    Handplate by Ruze789

    Forearms: Pepped, ready for hardening.
    Forearm by Ruze789, Unfold by Ben Streeper

    TACTICAL/Tacpad Forearm Attachment: Not yet started.

    Biceps: Pepped, ready for hardening.
    Bicep by ForgedReclaimer, Unfold by Brandon McClain

    Commando Shoulder Pauldron: Pepped, ready for hardening.
    Commando Shoulder Pauldron by carpathiavh99

    Security Shoulder Pauldron: Pepping.
    Security Shoulder Pauldron by L3X BLU3R1V3R

    COD Piece: Sizing. Original is available for trade/sale.
    COD Piece by RoadWarrior
    Original: COD Piece by rundown, Unfold by Brandon McClain

    Thighs: Not yet started.

    Shins/Kneeguards: Not yet started.

    Boots: Not yet started.

    Rocket Launcher: Not yet started.

    DMR: Not yet started.

    WIP Pictures for Helmet
    So I have to say this is an amazing pep file. I had to build two helmets here, the first was pretty crappy as far as construction goes and I could barely get my head in it, much less put it on with my glasses on *facepalm* because it was 244mm tall. That's the last time I listen to my sister for any advice on scaling. Please excuse the bad picture quality, I took these with my cellular device since my camera was dead.



    More Progress:

    Comparison of the Original vs. Enlarged:

    Working More:

    What I have so far
    (I ran out of super glue last night)

    So this is where I stand at the current moment. I plan on getting more super glue today after class and finishing up tonight. The right side is a little warped I know but most of it should come out when I put the left in, and if it doesn't then that's what Bondo is for. I'll upload more pictures either tonight or tomorrow of the finished Pep job and one of myself wearing it so you guys can get an idea of how big it is. That's all for now, let me know what you guys think so far!
  2. EMAW09

    EMAW09 Member

    Before you cut out the visor check out Satchmo III's build. I didn't realize that there should have been a slight lip left. I also just used an adhesive foam piece for the ear section to make it stand out. Good luck.
  3. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thanks for the tip! I've been looking at Satchmo's stuff for a long time and it is a great reference tool. I like the adhesive foam idea, I'll probably use that method since I couldn't really think of any other way to make the ear piece. Ugh I wish class would hurry up and end! I've got that flame a burnin' to build.
  4. c5cha7

    c5cha7 New Member

    Its looking good, can't wait to see it with some resin/bondo and sanded =D.
    Sucks when you run out of super glue though =p, happened with me once haha.
    Bet this turns out to be a stunner =].
  5. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    I actually plan on hardening it tonight if I can finish getting it Pepped soon, I'll be picking up more super glue on my way home from class today. Too bad I don't have any resin at home, I'm considering using thin coats of epoxy on it since I have a ton of that at home from working on Model Rockets. What do you guys think? Thanks for the encouraging comments. :D
  6. HaloUTS

    HaloUTS New Member

    wow ! for a first project i can definately say that that is some neat gluein' ;) They way you have started that, if you keep it up and dont rush it, you will have an awesome suit before you know it :D keep up tha good work and dont forget to keep updating for us :D
  7. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thanks for the comment man! Like I said, I've been doing 4-H posters and Model Rockets for about 10 years now so I know how to glue. I just got home with a crapload of super glue so once I finish my homework I'm gonna finish the helmet. I've decided to harden at least the first layer with epoxy because it's what I have access to. Should be more pics tonight or tomorrow! I'll also be starting the COD Piece once I finish the helmet.
  8. HomemadeChair

    HomemadeChair New Member

    Very nice and clean work so far. I know the feeling of running out of glue :/ The comparison of the two made me laugh. You had to cram your head into that?
  9. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member


    I just finished Pepping the Helmet about an hour ago. The left side isn't as clean as the right because the super glue decided it was going to stick to my fingers instead of the tabs. Fortunately that had almost no effect on the shape. I didn't get to begin the hardening process today like I wanted to because after I ate dinner it was too dark outside and the epoxy stinks too much to do inside. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy these pics of the finished Pep job and I will be hardening the helmet sometime in the next two days.

    Front Left

    Back Right

    Back Detail (Needs a little shaping work on the left)

    Top (Also needs a little shaping work)

    Inside (If you can see numbers they are from another print, some deal with Pepakura not wanting to print lines smoothly and I didn't wanna waste the card stock)

    Proof that Spartan III's listen to Metallica, even in 2552

    Top-ish view of me wearing the Helmet

    Side view of me wearing the Helmet

    Final vs. Original (The teeny one)

    I think I got the scaling right. What do you guys think?

    Thanks man. Yeah, it really sucked something awful, I had to bend it to even think of putting it on. The new one fits like a glove and should be just right with padding. I got a lot more super glue (like 30 tubes) so I should be set for a while.
  10. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    I really hate to double post, but I have an update! I got to do the first layer of hardening on the outside of the Helmet today. I used a 1 inch paint brush to apply a thin coat to the entire outside of the Helmet. It came out with a few small runs and kind of uneven in places but it's only the first coat, and there's Bondo as well. The visor piece is messy, but I figured since I'm gonna cut it out anyway I shouldn't care what it looks like as much. You may notice that it looks uncovered in places; I ran out of epoxy part way through and had to open another batch which mixed differently as far as color is concerned. I will be glassing the inside with interfacing as soon as I get resin, as well as applying more hardening coats to the outside. Also, I finally got around to charging my camera so the photo quality should be much better. Enjoy the pics!

    Front View

    Left Side

    Right Side (Lolspraypaint from working on a Model Rocket)


    Back Detail (Here you can see what I mean about the color difference)

    Outside of the Bottom Rim

    The cool thing about working with Epoxy is that it cures to the point that you can work with it a lot quicker than Fiberglass Resin. However, that's also a bit of a curse as it means you have to be really quick with applying your coat and have to really watch how much you mix. I definitely will not be doing this method again, nor do I recommend it to anyone.

    In other news, I'm Pepping the COD Piece as I type this, so expect more pics soon! Let me know what you guys think, I really love hearing comments on my work! :D
  11. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    Hooray for the JFO helmet finished.

    Contrary to popular belief, the chest is the hardest part of the armor, so dont feel accomplished yet.
  12. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Woot! I'm really happy with how the Helmet is turning out.

    Oh yeah, I figured either it or the Thighs would be the hardest. It's gonna be exceptionally difficult for me because I just have to choose the Assault/Sapper Chest Piece. I'm saving it for last because from what I've seen it will take all my effort. Fortunately I enjoy Pepping :D
  13. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Well instead of typing some mile long rant and to prove yet again that I have the maturity (and sense of humor) of a 5-year-old I'll let Dethklok do the introduction for this update. I've just finished Pepping this piece, it was really straightforward but any finished stage means an update.

    So now that I've unleashed my profane sense of humor on you guys, please, enjoy the pictures!


    Back (Most of the skew here is from how I was holding it)

    Right Side

    Left Side

    More Randomness

    Sizing (Mirror shots are harder than they look)

    So there's that much done. I've found a really good deal on Fiberglass Resin but unfortunately I won't be able to order any until mom gets paid in the next few weeks. I guess I'll just have to keep Pepping until then. Likely going to start the Biceps next. Let me know what you guys think, I'm always glad to hear feedback on my work.

    EDIT: This is not the COD Piece I will be using. I will be using RoadWarrior's model as it has all the nice little details that pacify my OCD.
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  14. Vigilnt sniper

    Vigilnt sniper Jr Member

    are you going to strap on a strap on? you would be the horniest spartan on the block.
  15. sandy1973

    sandy1973 Well-Known Member

    Looking good so far.
  16. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Lmao, you never know ;) I don't think mom would really appreciate that though XD. Maybe I'll do something funny in the final photo shoot for you guys.

    Thanks! I really appreciate hearing positive feedback on my work from more experienced builders. I can't believe you finished that foam suit in two weeks!

    As far as what I'm currently up to goes, I'm hoping to get the Biceps printed tonight and begin Pepping soon after. I really need to invest in a respirator or at least pick up some surgical masks as I'm becoming addicted to super glue fumes and who knows how many brain cells I've killed. Good thing I drive by a Wal-Mart every day.

    EDIT: I've been looking through the Pepakura Database all morning long because I've had nothing to do and (no offense to the modelers) I've decided to use RoadWarrior's COD Piece model because it's extreme HD. I know I'm a n00b to this whole process but if my armor isn't as game accurate as possible I won't be happy with it (curse you, OCD). So if anyone wants the original COD Piece I'd be more than willing to part with it for a pretty fair price, pm me if you're interested. I'm going to print ForgedReclaimer's Biceps tonight for the same reason, I looked at my reference pictures about half way through the Pepping process and decided I wasn't happy with how it was turning out with the model I was using. Expect more pictures by Monday.
  17. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Another small update for you guys. I've just finished Pepping my Right Bicep and am really happy with the file I chose. I decided to use ForgedReclaimer's file for this one and it is absolutely amazing in every way! My big concern here is SIZING! Sizing as in length proportional to my arm. I plan on bulking myself up with the undersuit since my arms are about half the width of a toothpick, combined! I didn't Pep the spiny thingy because it would just be covered up anyway by my Shoulder Pauldrons and I also felt it might get in the way when attempting to attach them. Picture time now that I've made you guys wait.


    Details (Red spots are seasoning stains from Hot Fries)

    Sizing (Flipped because I used a mirror)

    So there you have it. Like I said, small update but I really would like opinions on the sizing of the piece before I start work on the left one. I know the sizing pictures kind of suck, but it's the best I could do at 2 in the morning because the rest of the family is asleep. Please let me know what you think and thanks for taking the time to read this thread.

    EDIT: Crap, I just looked at my reference screenshots again and in some views that spiky thingy can be seen. It looks like I got the scaling correct as well, so when I can I'll be pepping the Left Bicep and adding that spiky thingy. As for now I'm going to bed, more pics soon.
  18. thorn696


    Looking good so far. Bicep looks about right (size ways) but had to tell without the chest piece.With the shoulder on, odd are you're never see that "spike" (I left it off on mine). You're file selection looks great. all in all it looks like you're build will be a fin one to watch. Good luck and keep us posted.
  19. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thanks for the feedback! Now that I think about it you're right, I'm not gonna put the spiky thingy on (I really enjoy saying that) because it only just barely showed up in two reference pictures anyways. And let's face it, I'm just not THAT OCD about it.

    Curse of the Spiky Thingy!

    I doubt anyone will even notice or care if I leave it off anyways. So if the sizing is good I'll be doing the left one tonight, and I may go against my original plan and start on the Chest Piece after. It all depends on how I feel. Thanks guys for taking the time to read and comment!
  20. sandy1973

    sandy1973 Well-Known Member

    I think the bicep piece is a tad too big and when you have the chest piece on that will reduce your mobility and can easily damage your piece.
  21. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Well, I can always make another one and see how it sizes. What would be a good size do you think? The current piece is scaled to 200mm height. Maybe something like 180mm? I really want to get the scaling as accurate as possible so I don't mind re-Pepping.

    EDIT: For a better comparison I've decided to post these two shots; one of myself with my Bicep Piece on, the other of Noble Six with a really good view on the Bicep Piece. All input is welcome, I would really like to start the other Bicep asap but to me QUALITY > SPEED/QUANTITY.


    Like I've said before, I'm making trying to make it scaled to the length of my arm as I plan on bulking myself up a bit with the undersuit.
  22. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Update! A small one that is. Amazing model by L3X BLU3R1V3R. I've put in a good 4.5 hours Pepping this thing so far today and it's coming along great. For now however I'm taking a break to tell you guys what I'm up to. I used hot glue exclusively on this because I've gotten really annoyed with my super glue wanting to stick to everything but the piece I'm making and believe me, it's faster, easier to work with, and much cleaner, not to mention cheaper. For scaling I had my sister measure my shoulders at their widest point, and then I added an inch to that. Strangely, my measurement was only half a centimeter under the default size so I just said "screw it" and went with that. Anyways, enjoy the pics. I'm hoping to have this piece completely pepped by Wednesday night.

  23. HistoryFox

    HistoryFox Jr Member

    Dude your pepping looks great I can't wait to see the end result.
  24. scizor112

    scizor112 Jr Member

    Thanks bro! I really need to get some Fiberglass Resin soon so I can keep working on my other pieces too. I have one small change I'm considering on my character: I'm unsure at this point whether or not I want to keep the Tactical/Tacpad Forearm Attachment. I'm considering changing it to Assault/Breacher or Tactical/UGPS. On another note, I'm gonna start working on a little backstory for my Spartan so I have something to do in Writing Class :D
  25. HistoryFox

    HistoryFox Jr Member

    If your looking for a story add some wear and tear nothing starts a story like saying "You know how I got these scars?"

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