1st Build Second Project (First Build)

Here's a an update on the helmet. Like the other pieces it has yet to be detailed/weathered.

I was able to fit the fan system in the front of the helmet. I was afraid it would add too much weight to the front (helmet loves to slid down) even with padding, but the padding works. Stays on my head with no sliding.

Originally wanted 2 fans, but there was no space. It's fine though as 1 is actually good enough for me. A little bonus was the portable charger had a blue led that turned on when being used. I forgot to take a pic, but I'll try to get one later. The blue light gave the visor a slight glow that is quite noticeable in the dark. Just a little extra for the fun of it.
Tommorrow I'm going to put the whole thing on and walk around for a while. All that's left is just detailing/weathering and it will be con ready!
Here's an update on my test run!


Walking around is quite easy and comfortable. Some pieces tend to shift around so some extra padding in the shins and forearms. I added a little bit too much padding to biceps. Only thing that ripped was right bicep, fortunately it ripped at a seam so I will reinforce that with cc. I also plan on taking out some of the inner bicep so that it gives me some room under my arm. Despite the comically large shoulders, I can still put on and take off my helmet with ease. Helmet fan makes a HUGE difference when it comes to helmet fogging up. Will post another update showcasing my complete 100% build before the con. Until then!


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Hi again! Finally completed my build (no pics just yet!). Just took about 2 months from start to finish. I plan on taking photos the next day. I also thought of a theme for my armor since I haven't really thought of one while building it. I decided to go with a Doom theme, so this build is called "The Doom Sparten". I painted on the Mark of the Slayer on my shotgun and helmet.


I went pretty heavy on the weathering, so that it looked like I fought some demons. I added multiple deep claw marks to the armor by cutting out chunks of foam as well as just running the blade over the surface to create small slashes.

Can't wait to showcase everything to yall! Until then!
I really like your build! What kind of fan did you use? and how did you wire it? I am looking to do something similar with my chief helmet!
Thx! I'm using Dual Modular Ball Bearing 4500rpm Fan Kit by HenrysHelmetFans on Etsy. They are pretty pricy but very worth and very easy to put together (no soldering of any kind since they clip together). I only needed one to keep my visor from fogging up.

This does require a separate USB portable charger, which I put at the top of my helmet.
Oh you thought I was done? NOPE! Halloween is almost here, and I thought up some upgrades for this build. After a few cons, I finally settled for a voice amp. This should help peeps hear me without taken my Helm off. I plan to have a mic attached on the inside of my Helm, while the amp will sit in the chest piece. I plan on patrolling my neighborhood on Halloween, so I decided to get some leds to stand out, and not run into little kids. Leds are now important more than ever, so I decided on placing them on the thighs, chest, thrusters, and helmet, and mabey biceps. I also have a see through green visor, that I can use the leds to create the typical glowing visor. But people will see my eyes so luckily if I ever want to switch back to my old mirrored visor, I can tape it back. I will also attach a flashlight to my Helm so that I can see, and other peeps can see a giant sparten stomping their way. Other minor upgrades, I took Luka's advice on the security piece have some black colors to reduce the amount of silver. Also decided it would be a good place to write my forum name. I felt the need to add one more layer of foam to the soles of my boots, because why not? Once that's all squared away I'll take some photos of my updated build. Hopefully I will not need to do more upgrades, cuz I want to shift my focus elsewhere lol. Anyways that's all, until next time.
Hi again. Just about done with the upgrades. First off, I tackled boots. Those needed some repairs, and I decided to give myself another inch of height by stacking foam plates together for the sole.

Next up are shins. I cut the top part of the shins near the knee area, to allow myself to better bend my legs. They also needed some fixing, some parts were separated.

On to the thighs. I plan on putting my voice amp in the hard case simalar to how Pipninja put his in his soft case pouch. I noticed that the thighs tend to stick outwards near the top, so I added foam so that it would mimic an under suit. This will help cover the gap between my thighs and the thigh piece. I now have some Leds going in my build, so starting with the thighs I added green Leds to each thigh.

On to the chest piece. Only added Leds for this one. Added them to the front and back.

For shoulders I just painted some parts black. Added my forum name on it as well.
For my helmet I had string Leds run around the inner brim of my helmet to give it this effect

Added a head lamp to be able to see in the dark. I orderd a wireless mic to put in my helmet and is one of the last things I need to do before Halloween. Until next time.
I really like the LEDs on the inside of the visor. Might have to copy your idea there. This makes me want to try and fit a flashlight onto my Hazop helmet too.
Here's an update on the build! Chest piece is pretty much done. All I need to do is complete the back thrusters.View attachment 321865View attachment 321866So far I found the chest piece to be the most difficult piece. There was alot of eyeballing in some spots to get the right curvature and making sure it fit me, but it turned out pretty decent. Thinking of using the classic buckle and strap instead of strong magnets..
View attachment 321867
Using the breacher collar from Infinte, this is where 7 shotgun shells will go, the next 6 will be on the right forearm (assault breacher)
Speaking of, here is a sanded shotgun and kukri. Will use sprayable filler/primer and wet sand these, to get that super smooth look
View attachment 321868
Last thing is the undersuit. There are no gen 3 mark 7 undersuits anywhere so I found and used the Reach undersuit instead, which works fine with the cod piece and chest piece.View attachment 321869View attachment 321870However the undersuit backside only covers so much back, so there was a gap between the chestpiece and the undersuit. To fix this I create my own back extension, similar to the one on the mark 5 .
View attachment 321871

I opted for a simple design, it's not in-game accurate, but it works. The extension now covers the gap and pairs well with the undersuit.
That's all for now. Also just recently decided to plan on going to my first con. Planning on going to PAX West in September. So that gives me 3 weeks to complete the suit and weapons. With the progress I've been making I should finish before then. I saw there are others that are joining as well and I am excited to meet some members of the community there!
where did you get that undersuit? I looks accurate and flexible
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