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Show us your HALO costumes!

Discussion in 'Canadian Regiment' started by SPARTAN II, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. misfitjh


    Thank you Spartan II. Im liking the foam, much faster to work with than pep. Not as durable but easy to fix so the trade off is not bad. Right now just collecting some more nerf stuff for this costume. Want to be that guy is year at the weapons check table, I have this and this and oh there is this and these oh and one of these. LOL
  2. Noble 10

    Noble 10

    well i just finshed a prop :) IMGP0424.JPG yay
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  3. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Snazzy finish Noble!
  4. Noble 10

    Noble 10

    thx blazed

    - - - Updated - - -

    i will make shere to video tape my persintion on the 31 st
  5. Cpl Shepard

    Cpl Shepard

    I've got a thread over in the C&A category, but here's my modest contribution. Hope it's not too bad.

    005.png 001.png
  6. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Have you dropped feet first into Hell, yet? If not, you should.


    What she said! Looks great :)
  8. Cpl Shepard

    Cpl Shepard

    The Hazard Pay was well-earned.
    Glad it's not too bad
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  9. Noble 10

    Noble 10

    look at this another one done IMGP0441.JPG IMGP0442.JPG
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  10. TheSilent0n3


    Looking good everyone! I feel like I've already shared my suit here, so I won't go on too long. I'm working on some upgrades and updates to make this into an original character. Should be wearing the new version at FanExpo.

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  11. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Oh hey, I've seen pictures of your armor around the web. Sweet ODST!
  12. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

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  13. Artifice

    Artifice RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Those are some wicked shots BlazedStarbon! looks like you guys and gals had an awesome time !!

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  14. FlyinPhil

    FlyinPhil Marketplace Supervisor Division Staff

    Here's a shot of my scratch build all finished! I'm the spartan in the middle.


    Attached Files:

  15. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Top notch builds! These never cease to amaze me.
  16. RomanW


    Phil, your build is freaking awesome. A friend of mine went up to the last Edmonton Con and saw you there. He actually got a pic with you too. Very nice work!
  17. FlyinPhil

    FlyinPhil Marketplace Supervisor Division Staff

    Thanks a ton Roman! It was definitely worth the many hours I put into building it! Will you be at any Alberta cons in the near future?
  18. RomanW


    Probably not, I'm currently working on building a Reach CQB helmet, and armor isn't really on the radar at the moment. I also try to stay away from all of the risque costumes that tend to be at cons lol
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  19. mothmonty


    This was my bare bones, quick ODST/Pilot build
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  20. BlazedStarbon

    BlazedStarbon RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Not a costume, but I did give my BoomCo pistol a quick paint job prior to Ottawa Comic Con this year.
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