Shower fix

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So I rent the upstairs of a house essentially and it's a older house so a few repairs come up here and there and my biggest feat was/is the shower cause I'm an electrician and I don't know plumbing so this was a journey for me

^This is the old Piping for the shower upstairs the hot and cold barley turn off anymore and I had to reside to turning the mains off, I've also replaced the knobs on the front end at least once or twice so time to rip it all out and put in the new, during the process of removing just the sleeve of the cold knob it took the whole stem with it

the stems are corroded like everything else, and the threads where the knob would be are worn and the socket inside where the seat is doesn't look good

so I took my measurements, chicken scratched some prints and material list with help from my father and my sisters plumber friend

got the materials and started hacking and found this beauty below wrong pipe type for plumbing almost rusted through and it was full of gunk

started installing the new material, realized got some wrong fittings had to go back to hardware and return and get the right fittings apparently there's 2 types of sizes od\id or whatever both say 1/2" but they aren't makes no sense to me. and we finish the project.


all new and shinny some of it, the mounting cough was a bit janky but it works, some clean up is still required and other projects will arise. I may post more future projects. with more photos in mind as well


Wow, and you had to fix it and not the landlord ir owner? I bet you got a huge rent cut haha
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