Skyrim Pepakura Files

Zombie, you never fail to disappoint!! Thanks so much for uploading the Dawnguard knee armor!
I second sansastark's request for a Hold guard helmet at some point in the future, a christmas special perhaps, so that we can be handing out sweetrolls at thanksgiving :p

Enjoy your December holidays and hope all goes well mate :)
Hey, Zombie! Your work is awesome, man. I've been following this thread for... months, maybe a year now. Really appreciate everything you're doing for this fandom. You truly are a god among men! I've made... three or four builds in the past week off your unfolds, and I'm loving all of them. I do have one question and a few requests.

I ran into this problem with the steel sword, but I've seen it on a few weapons (a problem on my end, that is, because I'm just a beginner). What am I supposed to do with pieces that are laid across multiple pages? Just cut out 'tabs' of my own and glue them together that way? Or is there a way to print them differently?

And some requests - I know you can't do things like the Nightingale armor because of the leather, but could you do any Thieves Guild pieces? The 'hard' pieces, like the gauntlets/gloves and shoulders? I'm not sure if that would translate well into pepakura, but I would really appreciate it if you gave it a look and let me know. Other than that, I'd love to see the iron dagger and the hold guard helmet! I've seen a few people do the helmet from pepakura, but never been able to get my hands on any actual files.
Hi sansa, about the steel sword, I have pepped it and converted over to wood. I just printed the long pieces as they were ( no scaling, nothing ) and then join the long pieces up with your own custom made tabs. You can use the actual piece to cut the tab out of, you loose about 5mm of blade length, but it is still a very decent length.

Hope it helps :)


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Thank you so much for all the hard work.
I hope your situation will improve soon.
we're beginning with folding today, we will be making two helmets, and 4 weapons,all from your design.
Not sure if it's ok to post pics of the progress in this tread? kinda new here. But maybe you would like to see what else can be done with your files, this will not be a skyrim cosplay.
They will be kinda orginal caracters with skyrim flair.
Take Care, and thank you for your hard work!


This is the Skyrim Steel Sword model, Zombie's pep file was the base, but i do not have a great love for fiberglassing closed pieces, so I decided to make it out of wood. This is 16mm superwood that I'm carving the shape out of. progress halted as my dremel sanding tip sheared a bolt from overuse! :p

More Recently, I began with the Dawnguard pep, so far i have the helmet and knees pepped and the shield under construction! Today is shoulder armor day!





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Hello Zombie,

I just happened onto this thread and can't believe how much you have unfolded over more than a year! Registered a username just to say thank you for all the files. Also, I am wondering whether you have plans to make the blades armor set? It is the most interesting armor set in Skyrim for me because it is essentially a set of samurai armor, and I've always wanted one. If yes, I will be sure to check back often. Otherwise, I am sure I will still enjoy seeing the files you release. Thanks again.


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Hello once again, Skyrim fans! I'm trying to hurry up and get another batch ready, maybe in time for Xmas. With my pain levels going up and down, I'm doing the best I can. They upped my medicine, but it doesn't seem to be working like it should. Stupid pain. Anyway, I've seen the requests and I'm gonna try to do as much as I can before Christmas gets here, and before the year ends.
Hi zombie followers, if anyone is looking for a a guard helmet, Rundown did a pretty decent unfold as well as hsholderiii (but I cannot get hold of him)


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That got me at first too, because there's a lot of "junk" download links on those pages. First create an account there or otherwise you won't be able to download at all. Then find the buttons that say Download, Share, Add to my account, and the icons for Twitter and G+. They're right underneath the description of the file. If you use that download button, it will work, and the file will download after a 20 second waiting time. Good luck and happy pepping! :)


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Hello once again, 405th and Skyrim fans! I've got a little something for you, right before the holidays. I've got a few files that I unfolded, one of which was acquired through a friend, Todd Chapin. I also have a file that is not mine, but the creator gave his permission to show you all. So, I will give a link to his file, and you can enjoy it too! What an awesome guy. It's close to the end of the year, but that doesn't mean I'm done working on files. It just means what I release for this year will be slowly coming to a close. And then I start up again for 2015. So no fears that I will be stopping. Another thing, I have no problems if fans would like to post their work on this thread. Just no files, unless you run it by me first. As usual, for the armor files, make sure to scale for yourself before printing! Enjoy!

Iron Dagger
Measures about 18 inches.

Download Link:

Stormcloak Male Helmet
Measures about 15 inches.

Download Link:

Thieve's Guild Male Knees
Measures about 7 inches.

Download Link:

Thieve's Guild Male Gauntlets
Measures about 11 inches.

Download Link:

Thieve's Guild Male Shoulders
Measures about 13 inches.

Download Link:

(A friend helped me acquire this next file)
Troll Skull
Measures about 14 inches.

Download Link:

This last one, I did not make, and I did not have anything to do with it other than being a fan of its design. If this would have been in Skyrim, that would have been awesome. I asked the creator for permission before showing it. He agreed, and allowed me to show off this amazing weapon design. I'm always looking for more things to add to Skyrim, which you should know because not everything I release is available in Skyrim. Enjoy!

Dragonbone Flail
Measures about 30 inches.

Shortcut to link: (unfold by jamal).pdo


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Wow, awesome, great work Zombiegrimm! Can I just show off the dragon skull I am doing off of your file? :D


Currently working on the lower jaw, but with work and X-mas preparations in the mix, the progress is a bit slow at the moment.


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Oh man, this is awesome. Thanks for the requested stuff, and I definitely wanna try making that flail! Well done, Zombie.

Quick question - is there any difference between the male and female Thieves Guild pieces, except perhaps the size? I want to say no, but I'm not positive. I'd have to look at my reference pictures whenever I get onto my laptop.


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Hello once again 405th fans, and Merry Holiday to whatever you celebrate. I've seen a few people who do this kind of thing ask for stuff from the fans. Don't get me wrong, I would love that, but its not necessary because I thought why not change it up. Instead of me asking for stuff, I'm giving you a small TREAT for the holidays, on the holiday. See what I did there. Enjoy, and do not eat it.

Measures about 5 inches.

Download Link:


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Hi Zombie!
Dropping in to wish you all happy holidays and the best for the upcoming new year! Have your health will improve!

Also, I have developed a new respect for the work you do - tried some unfolding myself and it's not as easy as I thought it would be. Naive me thought all one needed is patience to make sure nothing overlaps. ;p
I figured out later that you already need to have an idea about how to build your project when unfolding because it's not just about making sure there are no overlapping pieces. It's ALSO important to make sure to select your cuts in places where you can still reach them to glue together - even after joining several pieces.
Let's just day after having tried it myself, having cursed a lot during the build and being ready to give up more than once until I finished, my appriciation for the ammount of work you invested in this skyrocketed. ;p Thanks a lot!


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Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! It is finally 2015, which means a whole year of new files! I'm pretty excited to see what gets made, as last year I had no idea we would be this far into Skyrim. So, as we start to round out the last few items, I would like to share a secret I've been using to help me find new files. The website I'm referring to is Skyrim Nexus. They primarily do mods to Skyrim, and there are a ton of different mods. Sometimes, you'll be lucky to find a file that has a mesh 3d model, and I can extract those particular files and make them into pep files. They are few are hard to find, but they exist on the Skyrim Nexus. I'll probably be doing some custom armor from there as we get closer to the end. I know the game only has so much to offer, ( and by that I mean a LOT to offer), but I like to have add ons that further my playing experience. Since I want to play Skyrim in real life, this website has helped me find some crazy files. Make sure to check them out, and enjoy that little treat. Lets see some works in progress, or finished armor! Also, what kinda suggestions do you have for the next batch?

And lastly, as we go into this new year, I just want to say thank you to all the fans. You guys have really helped push these Skyrim pep files, and I love when people credit me for my files. Trying not to choke up but you guys really have helped push my work out there. You guys mean a lot to me, and I just want to say thank you for last year, and you've made me pretty excited for this coming year. Happy New Year everyone!e next batch?


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What you want to do is open the file in the Pepakura program, under the 2D menu go to "change scale" and click "scale factor." There you can manually adjust the scale. The numbers are the distance, in millimeters, from the farthest points in terms of width, height, and depth. So with the Daedric torso, the height would be from the tip of the shoulder spike (the highest point) to the lowest point. You can also right-click in the window with the unfolded pieces and choose the "measure the distance between points" option, then click on two points on the 3D model (for example two points on opposite sides of the collar) and figure out how much more (or less) is needed for a good fit. For example, if a comfortable fit for you is 150 mm (15 cm, or roughly 6 inches) from side to side, and the distance between the two points on the model that correspond to that measurement comes out to be 125 mm, you need to add 25 to the model's width (the height and depth will automatically adjust to maintain proportions). Another good measurement to take might be from the neck to the waist. Really it all depends on where exactly this one is too small on you. If it's small all around then any measure will do. If it's tight in certain areas but fine elsewhere, you'll want to take a measurement from that area.