Songs we can relate to Halo

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I'm sure you've heard a song that reminds you of Halo, wether it was that Breaking Benjamin song or something else, post it here, with you reasons

"Get Out Alive" By 3-Days Grace

Some parts in that song really reminded me of "Halo: Ghosts of Onyx" like "No Time for goodbye...he he faded away" Reminds me of Kurt towards his Spartans. "Don't put your life in, someone's hands, their bound to steal it away" reminded me of the talk about the Spartans being merley tool for the UNSC and etc.

"Comming Undone" by Korn

"I thought my demons were my friends, but in the end their out to get me" Dr. Halsey made the Spartan program and Cortana, and Since Master Chief probably has some bad memories from being abducted and trained and stuff, those could be his demons inside, and they manifest themselve through Cortana, who has access to Chief's...thoughts. And then it turns out, Cortana starts to pair up with Gravemind

"Since I was young I've tasted Sorrow on my tounge" Is another line that reminds of Chief, and his past.
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triad live (sounds cooler) DON'T WATCH IF YOU'RE EPILEPTIC!!!!!!

album version

These. I took these from another post I made.
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