Spartan II Insignia?

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Does anyone have a drawing of the Spartan II Insignia? I know it has an eagle on it, but was curious if there was one floating out there.

talking about this?

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SPARTAN-053 said:
no, the SPARTAN II's egale with like ligthing bolts in the feet, was in halo fall of reach

Was afraid so. I think it was posted a while back. Try searching for it.

EDIT: well i found the old thread that i remembered, but all it had was a broken link fo a sketch S053 made :mrgreen:
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What I have found so far

Thanks. I searched Google and found one I think might be it Search Results it was the first image that popped up. I didn’t know if there was an “official” one out there. I thought about looking in both games at the Multi Player icons, but I haven’t had a chance do that yet.

In searching the Halo Wiki, when you search for Spartan II Insignia, it doesn’t come up. This is the page I searched on, so I may have the wrong site.

My intent for this is when I finish my set of armor I was going to print out some vinyl decals and put them on the armor. My cousin works on cars (painting and such) so I was going to get him to paint and apply the decals for me.

Thanks for the help, if you know of anymore sites, please let me know.

It's basically a tail end of a quarter, or the opposite side of the dollar except the Eagle is clutching is arrows in one claw and lightning bolts in the other.
UnDedSnipr said:
What does the "DF" stand for? And arne't Spartans part of the Navy?

United Nations Space Command Defense Force
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