spartans are made not born

yoshio 6

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hey forum i just wanna post this on my first project it took a while because I've been learning about 405th and pepakura molding crafting and all that good stuff well back to my project i wanna start some thing here and on youtube called "spartans are made not born" I have not found some one with the same thing well in a movie type showcase i wanna start my ODST armor then to masterchief then to nobel six but thats long after now as you know i am a noob but i wanna start some were might as well be with big hopes and expectations and I will always be open to critisim or help and i will be starting tonight if pinter desides to work but let me know what you think

I am thinking of doing casting inside and fiberglassing outside based on utubewarrenj i hope that's ok im not trying to steel the idea just thought it would work pritty easy for my first time but i will be using more then one layer of fiberglass as mentioned in the video thanks though ill update you guys


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i wouldent use fiber glass for the outside but it will def held the strength if you put it on the inside and use bodyfiller and sand it down on the outside bro