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slavefive said: and I just took a shower, oh wait a minute you mean my prop skillz...ah-hahahaha!!! my feelings are all hurt, I am now crushed :lol:
Hahahah yeah, I dunno how'd I'd smell ya all the way over on the left coast :p Nah you and Bishop are sick, I can't even make a straight line in CAD, so the fact you doods are doing all this in there with dope machines is awesome :D
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since im not really old enough to have a real job, im currently aplying to work at an old ppl home.....i wish i had FS or skullcandy's jobs....grrr.......


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i gotta get a job this summer -.- i liked being jobless i didnt have to do anything. anyway you should get some video games and the old ppl home :lol: :lol: they could play wii sports or something lol.


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Computer Geeks Unite!
Another one here. :D
I'm a programmer in my own little firm.

I mainly do Webdesign & Websoftware, PHP Security Scripts in Internet and Intranet. Sometimes small Windows Apps too.
And whats completely different from those things: Synthesizer Programming. Its fun creating new electronic instruments and sounds with all the filters and so. *g*
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Residential and Commercial Audio/Video design specializing in dedicated Home Theater construction...

IT Support/Sysadmin/Telephony Systems
Firearms Instructor
and several much less interesting jobs...