Steam game night test.

A Guardian

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I will more than likely have some spare time Saturday.(im working on a comission, but dont want to burn out.)
Im going to try to get a steam game night set up for 405th. (cause not all of us have 360's.:( )

This will be a test so if i can get about 8 people ill be glad.
I was thinking Tf2 but if anyone else has any suggestions for a game go ahead.


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what about America's Army 3. It' free so everyone can download it and play. Or counter strike source...TF2 sounds great too :) Whatever game you pick, I'm in.


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Hey im a member who lives in germany and only got counter strike source and i would say we can play all games?!o_O

A Guardian

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Im thinking that AA3 would be good, since i dont have CS:S yet.
And its free so anyone can get it.

And i think with the 405th group we need Adams permission since he has 405th registered.

A Guardian

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Let me know when we can do this.
Im free mon-fri, 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
All this week.

I can do tf2, AA3, Trackmania Nations Forever, and anything else thats free. :p