Suit up & Introduce yourself!

Name: Pascal aka SilverFox
Location: Germany, Limburg an der Lahn
Age: 30

Social Media: yes FB: SilverFox Cosplay

Cons: Games Com, Leipziger Buchmesse (MCC), Animagic, Connichi, Comic Con Stuttgart and others when i got time.
Cosplays: I startet Cosplay with 18 years, first with Assassins Creed, then Star Wars Snowtrooper/Tie Fighter Pilot, Marvel Hydra Offizier WW2 Style, Fallout Ranger New Vegas, WW2 Medic and WW1 Soilder.
What HALO Costume did you create? I`ve got an HALO ODST with some personal touch.
Share some of your work, completed or in-progress.)
Kopie von Heil Hydra-1.jpg

Skills: nothing special

Halo ODST.jpg


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Name: Nadia/InterfectorFactory
Location: Netherlands
Age: 26

Social Media:

Digital art: InterfectorFactory (@interfectorfactory) • Instagram photos and videos
Cosplay: Nadia (@kerescrafts) • Instagram photos and videos
Cons: Dutch/Holland comiccon, castlefest,
Cosplays: my DnD character Lilith, I also have the clothes for Ellie Sattler and Black Canary and ofc my mk7 with my own custom colours

Skills: 3D modelling (I am a game artist), painting and drawing, weird amount of knowledge about animals
Name: Mikhail Andropovich
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Age: 28

Social Media: Mikhail Andropovich (@mikhailandropovich) • Instagram photos and videos
Cons: Schedule - Comic Con Baltics Vilnius Comic Con in October
Cosplays: I haven't started yet, this will be my first one. I plan to be read by then.
Share some of your work, completed or in-progress. We put together a helmet in a few hours out of insulation foam for practice. We will do better with the next one.
Skills: None applicable.

Picture: (Post pictures of your HALO Costumes. Please try to use thumbnails.)
Feel free to add any information you think, would be usefull.


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Name: Eoin
Location: Westmeath, Ireland
Age: 27

Social Media: @Midlands_Mando on Instagram
Cons: Any major cons in Ireland, and hopefully some in Mainland Europe soon
Cosplays: I started cosplaying about 2 years ago as The Mandalorian, then followed it up by making Jun's Armor from Reach.

Skills: 3D modelling and printing, painting, weathering


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Name: Medic Spartan
Location: UK Nottinghamshire
Age: 33

Social Media: medic partan cosplay Instagram,Facebook,twitter / medic Spartan ticktock
Cons: any around the UK
Cosplays: all four are halo related (blue and red-medic Spartan). (Halo 3 Spartan). (Bruce the Brute) (ODST)

Skills: Medical skills
Greetings, Spartans and Helljumpers.
I introduced myself in the international thread, but some extra infos are needed, I guess. Especially if we will gather to finish the fight.
Also, guess I'm the only italian here (I hope I'm wrong, because I would really feel like Rookie in ODST lol)

Name: Corus Riggs (it's my gamertag too)
Location: Italy, Padua
Age: 36

Social Media: not an artist, but I've FB and IG (links in profile)
Cons: Idk, but I want it, someday
Cosplays: Not yet
Skills: I'm very skilled at doing nothing, eat everything and making bad jokes

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