Suit up & Introduce yourself!


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Name: Mike
Location: North West England
Age: 40

Social Media: I'm beardedspartan061 on Instagram. That's where most of my hobby posts go.

I've been into cosplay for about five years but bad mental health means I'm still working on my first build which will hopefully debut at Telford Takeover (Wales).


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Name: Mark (Timmsy)
Location: Midlands Uk
Age: 22

Social Media: Instagram- timmsy_cosplay

Cosplays: Current one- Halo 3 Odst which is a mix of ONI, CQB, and Marksman suits, still been a work in progress but should be done within a month or two.

The first suit I ever made was the DFT templates but now I am using a 3d printer to remake the suit to a lot higher quality and better finish.

Skills: dragging files into my printing software and clicking print.

Picture: For some reason, I can't upload images of my armour but its all here and on my Instagram both linked:
1st Build - 3D Printed ODST Build