Suit up! register as a deployed costum member

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Post your FULL FINISHED suit here.
ONLY finished suits.

Hi guys to be ahead of the next round of selections and things for the regiment we will need to get our suits registerd/ controlled/ whatever :)

post a few pics of you in your completed suit
Here are my finished costumes:

Halo 3 ODST - Pepakura and Fiberglas Armor:

Halo Reach Jun - Helmet Pepakura Fiberglas and Body Armor EVA Foam Armor:


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D001 onwards!



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So here I am :)

Halo 3 ODST : helmet from Stony Props but suit made in EVA foam by me :)

Photoshoot (3).jpg Photoshoot (1).jpg

Photoshoot (7).jpg Photoshoot (12).jpg

Photoshoot (20).jpg


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Hello, I am Mesh and I am an ODST cosplayer :)
I am South Wales (UK) based and will only be able to attend events that are within a reasonable travel and cost distance. I have one suit, it is finished but I only have 1 picture of it finished however I have 1/2 of it in a 99% finished state so here they are:

LjrybPI.jpg cSic6zs.jpg Ld2OSJv.jpg

This is my MTP Camouflage ODST. It has a hidden blade and an SMG as weaponry, and soon a DMR.

If you want to know more about me, here's what I put in the Spartan Service Number thing a while back ^.^

Service Number: [23198-23198-MF]
Callsign: [Mesh]
UNSC Service: [ODST]
Company: [Queen's Royal 23rd ODST]
Rate/Rank: [G.SGT]
Location: [South Wales, United Kingdom]

DOB: 23/11/2520
Issued Weapon: M7S Caseless Submachine Gun / M392 Designated Marksman Rifle
Issued Armour: ODST BDU (MTP)

That date of birth is true, other than the year lol, I was born in 1998 and as of the date writing this, I am 17.

I do look forward to meeting you all whenever I can :)

(I have no clue how to removed the two attached Thumbnails, they were my first ODST which I have now sold on)



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I actually applied for the position of garden gnome but something must have gone wrong with my application.IMG_20160401_172545.jpg

At least a I got a bigger gun. Minime (Medium).jpg
hey everyone, names Mitch S139 'grim'. Lost my squad a long time ago along with my mk6 Armour. New suit same miserable attitude (kidding i'm a nice guy).
my suits eva foam of different thickness. helmet and chest lights are red leds. i plan to update it every so often. need new gauntlets and maybe a new undersuit. stoke armour.jpg
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