Team Fortress 2 players.

A Guardian

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I just got TF2 as a Graduation present and want to play with people i at least semi know.
Anyone that plays, a Steam name would be much appreciated.

Maybe we could work out a 405th play night set up.

Steam Name: UndercoverPresident

This is from my profile, i dont know if it will take you to my profile or mine.


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steam name: fireclaw364

I play tf2, gmod, portal, etc...

I make maps for gmod too;)

A 405th gameing night would be awesome:D

A Guardian

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Ive got portal and TF2.
And will more than likely get GMod monday when i get back from dog sitting.

Hey, i searched your name and came up zilch.

A Guardian

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Accepted Seaninja
Still looking for jico.

And does anyone know if raziel plays?
I was playing friday and there was someone named Raziel crafting.