The California Prop Costuming Meetup.


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On October 19th from 12-4, we're going to be hosting a meet and greet for prop makers, and those interested in prop making at the TechShop San Jose CA.

It's not a convention, just a social gathering for anyone interested in what we do here at the 405th. No membership, admission fee, or anything required, but an RSVP here or on Facebook would be nice so we have an idea on how many will be there.

Bring your creations, or just come to check out what we have! There's no requirements outside of normal human decency rules (No real firearms, no nudity, no drugs or alcohol, stuff like that). The part of the Tech Shop we'll be in is just in the lobby, so don't worry about power saws being nearby or anything, though they offer free tours if you want to take a look around.

Quoted from the FB page:
Costume professional? RPF member? curious bystander before the big weekend of Halloween? If you'd like to meet new local(ish) people, show off some work, or see a little inspiration, the guys at the San Jose Tech shop have offered up their conference room to the public for a gathering of sorts.

Feel free to bring a costume or lug some props over, or just take notes! Possible food and drink details to come later.


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Wanted to say THANK YOU.. this was great to see builds and different methods used. I got a ton of information picking brains. I think I came away for the better. My only regret, I didn't bring anything but my daughter.... I was impressed with those who brought things.

The men and women who put this together were amazing. I hope the next time you do this I will have the courage to bring some items.
And wow what a difference foam makes. A wonderful tip I got that paid off... I look forward to showing my newly built foam batman cowl. it came together quite nicely


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We were happy to have you and everyone there! It was much better than we could have hoped and it really was awesome to meet everyone. I was glad to see a bunch of awesome 405th there too. I guess I missed introducing myself to you, there were so many people and so many fun conversations. I am glad you got a lot out of it, and the people are the best to bring!

I got permission from each crafter to photograph their awesome work. I am posting up some of the photos and if there are any people don't want them shown, I will gladly take them down.



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may or may not have met you. I was back and forth in so many conversations and never once identified myself. should've had name tags lolol
was only there for hour and a half ish... little one had a request to visit a museum and grab a psycho donut.
loved it. great info great people. hope there are more of thses.


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Oh yeah, the psycho donuts are fun. I hope you guys got to check out the Star Wars exhibit at the Tech Museum, that opened Saturday for even more prop goodness!

I was in the corner with the half finished ODST helmet and wood stormtrooper, but yeah there were a looot of conversations going. They are planning to do one a few months away so people have time to work on their projects.. we might get burned out on each other if it were done weekly or monthly though a less formal but more frequent meetup may be fun. I'll be sure to put up news on that when it comes closer, and try to do more in the shop itself to raise awareness! There are some cool guys at the TechShop working on projects who really wanted to join but didn't notice the little ad we put by the door.

I also wasn't sure how interested people were in the facility itself, and didn't want to seem like we were sale pitching the TechShop, but if anyone was interested in checking out the shop, they offer free tours all day. It's a pretty nifty place and I've used them for a lot of stuff in my builds, though it can get a bit pricey if you don't get one of their deals.

And if you or anyone else in the bay area ever needs help, or just wants to yell at me for no reason about props, I'm more than happy to offer tips or info through PMs.


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I'm the blue Tau Fire Warrior.

That was an awesome meet up!

I hope more people come dressed up next time.