The Emperor's Champion (Black Sword WiP)

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If I can modify the current pieces to be closer to the model I will, but if I have to remake entire parts of the suit I will. When it is done its going to be close enough to the model to be immediately recognizable as Emperor's Champion.. though I am not going to bind myself to that model specifically, creative license is more fun then straight imitation anyways.
Parts left to make match :
Shoulder (needs that gladiator style guard)
Complete rework of the abdomen area
The Black Sword
Redone thigh and codpiece armor (mostly due to personal annoyance over visual stuff)
Leather bolt pistol holster

It might as well be a complete remake of all of the parts I am not satisfied with, plus the needed modifications. My goal is to have it done by PAX prime.
Edit:: Nevermind I found some good lighting ideas for the lenses. Going to do small el panels or strips at the top of the lens. Still, if any of you have tried this let me know how visibility is~

Also made this for fun, I won't lie.. I really like how this is turning out so far.
Added a neck extension to the back of the helm to cover the exposed part, also added some lenses for the eyes (T visors! Hell yeah!).
Lights incoming.


That's really one godly-made piece of helmet. Good job as usual, Brother.

Looking on your progress I think that I should get back to my armour, since all the exams are over...
I am, though probably not for a couple of weeks. Going to have to shelf the costume for a little while as I'm moving from Hawaii to California and have to box everything up and ship it over. Crossing my fingers that it all makes it there in one piece.

Glad you guys like it, I'll do my best to make it as badass as it should be~
Well then, I'm back. Had a pretty rough move and am still getting settled/finding work and all that.. but hey! I'm in California! Hooray?

Anyways, I finally got back to work on the armor. Aside from sprucing it up and repainting a lot of it for SDCC I decided to start working on the shoulder guard thing. after a couple of hours of freehanding patterns and cutting on MY NEW FAVORITE THING Sintra I had a rough base finished. Lots of sanding and tweaking left to do with it.. but hey its progress!


Looks really nice man. The purity seal is a nice touch too, as well as the bolts holding the symbol in. I also like the raised shoulder gaurd.

This is coming along great, looking forward to more pics.
OMG 40K black templars.... My enemy lol. My best friend plays those guys and he has an emperors champion figure. so naturally i had to look at this thread and WOW. This looks amazing. I love what you did with the helmet and such, keep up the fantastic work :)

I played spacewolves btw :p
Praise the Emperor!!!

Looking good sir! I would say that not just being a fanatical Black Templar but ALSO being the Emperor's Champion that you need more purity seals because of your awesomeness and holy might of humanity!

By the way where in California are you now?
San Diego. I'm building the Champ off the original suits base, so while bits of it may look finished already, they will likely undergo large changes and additions before they are done. Purity seals being something I'm considering. Now that I'm not in hawaii and don't have to pay $90 for a 4'8' sheet of 2mm Sintra.. I can do some actual work.
Well, I wasn't able to get the weapons up to PAX (I didn't end up finishing the sword anyways yet, heh)
Here are some shots from the convention though, taking a break from working on it at the moment. Will come back to it and finish the champ properly soon enough though. Have a lot of side projects to work on.
Enjoy the pictures!
PAX 2011 Photos - a set on Flickr



Well, its been awhile since I've done anything with this suit.. but its time for me to finally "finish" it. The last real piece of the puzzle is the sword.. so here goes. Decided to try and scratch-build it out of Sintra.

Well, I decided to try making the blade entirely out of plastic, try something new. The blade alone is 40" long, and about 3/4ths of an inch thick. Will probably be closer to an inch thick when I'm finished with it. I didnt have access to thick plastic by itself.. so I made a bunch of rough outlines and put them together into one blade. We'll see how that works out.


Glued the chunks down, and made a mock up faceplate for the top of the blade. This white part will eventually have the words carved into it, making a faceplate for the light to shine through - sort of like my Nemesis sword.

Going to try and get a lot of the blades base cleaned up today.. hoping I don't have to redo it heh.


Bout an hour of sanding using a random orbit hand sander.. the blade is looking pretty damn even. Hard to tell from the photos, but it essentially sanded down into what I wanted it to. Next step will be to mount the dowel in the center and start getting it ready for the EL strips and whatnot.. filling in little cracks and damage.. My work area is BURIED in black dust.. like a black sand beach on my deck. Time to go make some more.

I plan on having this blade base finished by the end of today.

Think the blade is big enough? I certainly hope so.

Progress edit:

Sunk a pair of EL strips behind a sheet of plexi into the length of the blade. This strip runs the length of both sides of the blade.

It does this!


The lights were red originally.. but it was too dimming and not blood colored enough.. so I scraped all the color off and will add my own to the plexi covering later. This glowing bar will be used to light up the words "Imperator Rex" and "Dei Castigator" on either side of the sword.

Progress edit 2:
Well, cleaned up the blade and added a filler coat of black. Detail is going to be hard to see if I go all black.. I'll have to do something with the color.

Anyways, one sides faceplate template cut out.. time to transfer it to plastic.

After seeing it in white, I think I'm definitely going to dye the plexi red.

Progress edit 3:
Well, the first faceplate is cut out, beveled, and painted with a basecoat. Looks pretty good to me. Now to figure out which way to attach it and do the back plate. I think for the blade I'm going to do a sort of blackened steel look rather then solid black.. its just too.. well.. plain? I'll mess around with it. What do you guys think?
I think that looks pretty dang amazing man. I agree with ya on the red letters though, it would give it a more sinister look. What about getting some circuitry to make the lights pulse or slowly brighten and dim randomly to make the letters seem more animated as well?

On the color, I agree with you on that to. The straight black makes it seem to plain and hides the craftsmanship and time put into the sword. I think added some more color to it and some battle damage would make it pop though. Possibly making the plate with the words engraved on it a gold or silver to break up the black scheme of things. Another possibility could be making the outside edge of the blade a silver or metal color much like a regular sword, then adding scorch and burn marks so that it would be blackened. I don't know, just my 2 cents.

Anyway, great job! loving the the look of the armor. I never got into Warhammer stuff, but this has really grown on me
You could also keep some of the damage already there and use it as battle damage, if you haven't already filled it all in. A sword looks infinitely more awesome when it looks slightly used as opposed to brand-new, ESPECIALLY when it comes to Space Marines, seeing as most of them have been in service for an intensely long amount of time to get to a point where they are able to use a powersword over a combat knife or chainsword.
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