the little master chief that could

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heres a pic of a master chief named dave which im making a AR for
mind that he's only 11 years old.....he's a very big fan of halo....
wanted to share this with you guys

this pic puts a smile on my face when his mom sent it to me and i hope it does the same to you
Haha thats funny I'm the same age as him! Wish my mom let me buy Halo armor... Wonder how he saved up so much money, too.....
Yeah, I'm pretty sure my account was screened when I signed up, but I can't put my finger on it. Screening is a fabulous idea.
I just noticed...tell him he needs a crotch piece, then he would have armor better than some of us!
Wow that looks like a big suit... It looks real nice... Did you make the suit?

How tall is he???
Oh ok that makes sense... Link, Are you always on here?

I would like to know where he bought it also... :)
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