Props The Official 405th 581 Build Thread!


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PerniciousDuke and Members. Lets let Art Andrews and Renraku work out those details. There may be more that Art has requested that differs from the basics so lets not get too far ahead of ourselves or circumnavigate the two who are heading this project up. It will be up in due time.


405th Regiment Officer
Awesome offer Benton and i am sure Art Andrews would love to have your unfolding skills on this one!
Absolutely! If he wants to toss me the .obj or.stl file before uploading it to the armory so I can unfold it for him I most definitely would. Just have to pray that when it unfolds it doesn't try and create too many small slivers due to 581's round shape and high details. You never know how it's going to turn out until you click that button lol.