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    Greetings Guest! I am the NEW guide of the 405th Infantry Division. I am 581. Surely, you are asking yourself, who is this fascinating entity and what is he about? Fear not! The staff of this great community has cleverly created a comic to share my backstory with you. Click HERE to learn more!

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The Official 405th 581 Build Thread!

Discussion in 'Halo Props' started by FANGS, Jun 13, 2018 at 9:54 AM.

  1. FANGS

    FANGS Commanding Officer Division Staff

    I know there are several of you who are talking about building a 581 for yourselves. In the spirit of what the 405th is all about at it's core, I've started this thread so everyone can share their ideas and progress!

    As time goes on and the comic is completely released, we will use this post to add additional reference images for you to use in your plans.

    Let the building and sharing begin!

  2. TurboCharizard

    TurboCharizard RMO 405th Regiment Officer

    I've been waiting for a few more angles before starting to build up my own 3D model. Comic page release days are the best!
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  3. Benton188


    I was talking with another local builder around here, and I told him my idea to make a flying model of 581. He suggested that I use thin polystyrene sheets instead of EVA foam to make his body. This would effectively make him lighter and easier to achieve, but more prone to damage if I slam him into something. What is your guys take on using polystyrene instead of EVA?
  4. Viper 466

    Viper 466

    I've been kicking around the idea of using the 343 shell as a base to start the construction of this guy for Edmonton Expo. I just need some dimensions to have a foundation and a view of the back else I'd have to take creative liberties. Kind of excited to make this.
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