The Status of Video Games, and Movies

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As i have dubbed this november Gaming month, it must be listed the big games that have or are coming out this month:

Call of duty 4
Soldier of fortune payback
assassin'c creed
kane and lynch

Now Call of duty 4 without a doubt is the best installment in the series and is DEFINITELY worth the purchase on any game console. (besides the ds)
and i suggest it for the computer because of mods and skins. However, ive noticed that the flashback level "All Ghillied Up" takes place in Pripyat, Ukraine;
a ghost town that was located near chernobyl. This location is also used in STALKER: Shadow over Chernobyl, right down to the abandoned carnival.

Stalker Version
Call of duty version
actual ferris wheel

Now i have no problem with having the location in both games, in fact "All Ghillied Up" is arguably the best level in Call of Duty 4. perhaps the best level in ANY fps. However the trend of shared gameplay/locations/ideas in movies and gaming has really started to bother me.

For example: Beowulf. One of the most boring and over the top movies of the year. There is no coherent dialogue, and the characters/story are all over the place. The movie takes place in one location which wouldnt be a problem if the movies time span was in the area of a week or so. but in actuality, Beowulfs entire life takes place in this one constantly snowy cliff area. And NO angelina jolie naked does NOT save this movie. One thing i havent said yet is the obvious copy that beowulf is to leonidas and his troops are to spartans. Beowulf isnt supposed to be as badass as leonidas, dont make him seem like it.

But i digress.. this is about video games. I recently was talking to my buddies about how awesome this month was because of all the new releases. trying to figure out how we were going to enjoy all the new games, when the topic of kane and lynch came up.
I responded with "you mean army of two?"
"No kane and lynch: dead men"
it was then i realised that the same game was being developed by two different companies.
Both kane and lynch, and army of two are two player teams, where you play as mercenaries. The gameplay looks similar, and the characters seem psychotic in the same way.
Gaming and movies seems to becoming all about redoing older stuff. Even the hallowed bungie reuses marathon in halo all the time! its evident from mjolnir, to the rocket launchers.
I dont want to play the same Source engine gameplay in the rest of the half-life 2 games... i want half life 3 with the source TWO engine (gamegasm!)
I dont want assassins creed to tease me with open world gameplay and be about as linear as halo 3.
I dont want to play soldier of fortune in a middle eastern area RIGHT AFTER I PLAYED CALL OF DUTY 4

Another thing that gets me is "Little Big World" for the ps3, because its the opposite of what every playstation fanboy raves abut the PS3.
"OOh it has a cell processor, OOH its grafix are sooo much better. and yet the community is using little big world as the HOT APPLICATION!!!!1! for the PS3. gimme a break, i could have played with those graphics 5 years ago on the xbox one...
And lastly but MOST Frustrating, whats the deal with mmorpgs. New ones coming out like Tabula Rasa, just take a page out of the world of warcraft book in making people gridn and grind and grind..down their brain until theres nothing left but a useless shell. I will never understand why someone would want to send 6 hours going through molten core to get a piece of virtual armor (RIP level 60 raids). Or final fantasy where the game TAKES AWAY, xp if you die, forget that if you wander into a wrong area and you wind up in hellstorm where level :mad: monsters eat your intestines. but then i realised, no i do the same thing leveling up in shooters like BF2, HALO 3, and COD4. Besides the virtual slap to the face i realised the main problem with these xp games is there isnt enough rewards for play variety. Say you like to play as a point man with a shotgun in search and destroy in COD4. You are never going to be able to have the unlocks because they reward just killing. if there was an unlock in these games for every challenge done, maybe it would be more interesting. All in all, the current status is pretty good, 50 percent of the games that came out this november were at least great, while Clive barkers Jericho, and Lord British Richard Garriot's Tabula Rasa British Garriot, are just other games put into apocolyptic hard to see, over the top settings.

So in conclusion i suggest out of the games that come out this month:

5. Assassin's Creed: For The best stealth action
4. Super Mario Galaxy: For being...Mario
3. Guitar hero games...but not all the time
2. Crysis: For Being the best looking game of all time (where Time = Past+Present and Time Does NOT = Future)
1. Call of Duty 4: For being the most Realistic, and harsh game ive ever played.


5. Soldier of Fortune payback: Not bad, just not good
4. Guitar Hero games...sometimes...its just too addictive...
3. Tabula Rasa...Another Grinding adventure
2.Clive Barker's Jericho: ridicoulously brown and unessecarily gory
1.Beowulf: I know its not reeallly a game, but if it was it would have a terrible story, dialogue, level design...but great graphics...oh wait...


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