Thinking of buying a Master Chief from


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Good day. After one build, I have gotten a little lazy and was searching around the internet and found this website with a great looking set of armor. Just curious if anyone has purchased a Master Chief set from them yet. On the RPF, there were a few reviews by people that purchased iron man costumes, but none for Master Chief.


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The suit doesn't look all that great for $2,199. I can spot several inaccuracies including the colour.

The main issue will be whether it fits or not.

Are you really willing to spend $2.200+ ?


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If you are going to buy a suit off of that site, then go with an Iron Man one. If you want a quality Master Chief suit, then keep looking because the one they sell looks relatively "unrealistic" in comparison to some other suits I have seen.


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Hey Markolivo I also love the masterchief suit it looks amazing even if some others don't agree with me XD We'll anyway I came here because I have a discount code for buyfullbodyarmors if you like here it is just put it at the end of customising where it says comments if you do buy one sorry though it's only 3% off but it's better than nothing off. Also another thing is you give them your measurements and they custom build it to fit you so don't worry if it is not going to fit you.
Discount code: LACHIE_HALO