Too Many Iron Man Armour Threads?

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if anyone has a final say, its adam. dont know why that got questioned.

and does it really matter? you guys do realize the threads dont open themselves, right? you have to do it. and if youre tired of seeing ironman thread TITLES, then theres nothing you can do except not read them. i hate seeing several different types of thread titles that pop up, but it doesnt really matter becasuse its a split second longer i have to read to tell its not something i wanna see. its a full two seconds more if i include an eye roll and a sigh. but thats rare these days. on top of that, theres a general discussion area, which also doesnt have a specific criteria for posting it, so there wouldnt be anything to do about it anyway.

achievement unlocked - two cent rant.
We are right now. But you know Halo won't last forever. No reason to run people off who have amazing builds.
This was actually brought up earlier in the week, I think. I personally like to see the developing variety here. Granted, the 405th has been known as, and is still known as, the "Costuming Community of the Halo Universe," meaning that most people knew that we were the go-to site for a broad spectrum of builds of varying talent relating to all things Halo. But with the broad spectrum of interests, and the varying tastes of so many talented 3d modelers, I like the thought of the 405th becoming known as the go-to site for many other things. Like Adam said, the name 405th allows more flexibility with regards to the future of the site. Either way, there are a lot of people here for the long haul because of the community, regardless of what the future holds. And like Goosebot said, 2 cent rant. Just my thoughts.

I'm so sorry dude......DON'T LOOK AT THE as easy as that or were you looking for the easy but that will make the 405th THE 405th out of Diego Garcia......AND a ONLY Halo costume site??(Halo 2 trailer reference) It's called a COSTUME & PROP COMMUNITY for Christ's sake. Even in the beginning there were some threads in the noob form(back when everyone was a noob) that didn't pertain to Halo weapons and costumes..even some equipment prop threads didn't pertain to halo.....NOW in 10' you ASK why there are Iron Man threads??????????????

Sorry to ask because I really don't want to know that much because I can guess a lot of reasons why BUT W-in-T-H(I hope you can wonder stand the acronym even though ther is IN in it for better use in the snetence) possessed YOU to even ask a thread about why there are so -MANY- Iron Man threads?

I'm NOT trying to belittle you because I'm just in a very solid state of awkward bewilderment.

And yes I know my own human short comings about why i even posted this comment in the 1st place.

^ To each being his own failures.....i guess *sigh*
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