Foam TTG Halo Infinite Chief Build


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Oh heck, you're way ahead of me.
Pretty close I'd say, definitely not enough difference for most people to criticise. I guess it would come down to the perfectionist inside of you.

The Tiny Geek

Space jockstrap is coming along well. Turning it into a space diaper later today. Progress is crawling right now, motivation is up but I’m burning out quicker each build session.

The Tiny Geek

And for the post that finally makes me a full member, here’s a look at what we have so far.
Just finished the handplates tonight.
Everything from the waist up is built.
The armor is a lot bigger than I thought it was when it’s all laid out, all of this still needs to be further detailed and a couple things need altering, but I’m pleasantly surprised with the progress.
3 months to go Spartans!
Next up is thighs, boots, and shins. As well as upholstery foam/latex undersuit pieces.

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