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I have always been fascinated by Halo armor, and Since Ive been on this site, I have been extra fascinated. I have especially been fascinated by the suit in which Master Chief wears. Lets discuss the gel layer under the metal. I understand it can block bullets but what exactly is it? Can is be found in our world? How thick is it, and what is its ability to move and be comfertable over a human. Also, what part actually touches the skin? Wouldnt it make soar and stuff?

I have been thinking about this for a while, couldn't people now adays make this under gel which can block bullets so you barely feel it?

This is my idea. First you make an outside layer, this is the actuall part that stops the bullets. This would be made out of stf (shear thickening fluid) coated kevlar. Then, since this would still hurt to be hit by, you make an under layer which actually gives with the bullet to make the impulse (stopping time) much higher. This part could be a strong rubber, 2cm thick with a foam layer in between that. Now, all you need it to make the parts where it bends thinner, for more comfort. In the inside however, I would make an adhesive layer which clung to the skin, and bent with the skin without making soars and what not. In the end, you could apply metal to even further stop bullets, but I would think this would work. All you need is a cooling system to breath in the suit.

wow man, that is a very interesting idea and concept. I will be up at night thinking about this one for a while.

Are you considering an attempt at making this?
Im not actually trying to make it, but I was just thinking why something like this isn't in production. I actually have the answer: expense.... but, just like the spartans, only a certain few should wear them.

Why doesn't anyone on this site actually mold a gel under armor to their body to be a part of their costume? Something like the bolistics gel from mythbusters ( or alter the ingrediants to make it stronger and black.)
Re:Gel layer

Okay, so the gel layer idea is an awesome one. However I have looked into your idea. There is an actual gel used in modern Abrams tanks. I can't remember whats it's called however I know it uses electro s to harden the gel around and actually catch the bullet and it's fragments so that it can't go beyond the gel layer. However, this would be extremely costly but an awesome idea. I'm actually just getting started in the armor design and had the gel idea cross my path several times. Then I got to thinking... what about using ballistic resign instead? Has anyone ever used this in a mold? If so PLEASE pass the info along as how to make the stuff. I can't find the recipe. I play ALOT or airsoft and I figure that if it can stop a 12-guage round, it'll handle our guns nicely.
try corn starch and water. it's a liquid at first, but apply pressure and it turns to a solid, and then back

so, its not good for bullets, but it would have some effect on airsoft and paintball pellets...
ballistic gel is not a bad idea...but cost? obviously if the military doesn't use it, it's not effective enough, don't say it's cost either, because the United States is plenty rich enough to afford something like that, as far as I know, ballistic gels are just not advanced enough at this point to be used effectively.

How would you contain the gel? if it's a liquid, it would pour out, so you contain it, but when you get shot, the bulet penetrates the container, and the liquid pours out, making it only good for one time use.

make the container bullet proof then? that will defeat the purpose of having the gel since that's what your using to block the bullets for you, this is exactly what the problem with gel is, plus, how will weather affect it? for now, ceramic plating is working out quit well, if the dragon skin body armor turns out to be true to it's word and really is all that they say it is, then we already have something to stop all but the heaviest machine guns, and it's flexible as well.

I suggest, if you want a good suit and have enough money to spend on something like ballistic gels and such, try going out and actually buying an interceptor or dragonskin body armor vest, they are cheap enough for someone with several hundred bucks to afford, and with some extra attachments to the outside, you can get the look you need. I suggest Dragonskin since interceptor is aging pretty quick, dragon skin also seems to be more manuevrable.

This is aimed at ballistic gels btw, IDK how the idea in the first post would work out, I never heard of a concept like that.
i think that the gel layer is a super fluid that has an amazing quality that is a really high surface tension. kinda like what they did on mythbusters with the corn starch. of course they havent invented the gel layer.......yet :whistle:
Mabye the one in halo works through an electricl current.
Remember the halo 3 intro?
"His armor's locked up, sir." pushes a button and he limps up.
xalener said:
Mabye the one in halo works through an electricl current.
Remember the halo 3 intro?
"His armor's locked up, sir." pushes a button and he limps up.

just because his armor has an electrical current as the shielding, doesn't mean it would cause the armor to lock up, the armor locking up would be do to either a built in feature to ensure that the body stays in a position where the arms and legs are spread out in case of serious injury, or it could be locked up due to too little power left, or some other reason, but honestly, how does the type of material or system you use for the defence have anything to do with movement? What I mean is that if it locks up, it's not because of the defence, it's because of an issue with the armor itself.
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