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  1. PHCosplay

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    So this is going to seem like a weird question and it might be in the wrong spot, I'll move it if I have to but am I the only one who wears Camo underneath my armor or do other people do and I just think I'm the only one.
  2. mblackwell1002


    You are correct on the placement on this thread. It is in the correct subforum, so you're all good. :)

    Most of us wear black underneath, trying to replicate the Gen 2 undersuits. Some of us have painted hexagons onto the base to detail it a bit. CommanderPalmer has a pretty amazing undersuit, as well as a tutorial on here somewhere.
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  3. PaiganBoi


    From pics online I have typically seen people wear black, grey or camo BDUs for ODST suits. Ashuraa is the only person I have seen make an undersuit for an ODST.
    For Spartans,its just like mblackwell1002 stated.
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  4. CommanderPalmer


    Spartans wear black. Marines and ODSTs wear BDU with camo most of the time. I recommend looking at people's photos and you'll see for yourself.
  5. Ashuraa

    Ashuraa Judicial Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Many ODST were camo or black bdus.
  6. Harri51


    ODST wear a Black BDU pant style with by the looks through Halo 3:ODST a special breathable undershirt not a suit. I am trying to get good reference looks but being H3 was nothing but blended texture it is a little bit of a challenge. Hey want to go trooper gotta make it right. Right?

    As for the Spartans....to much tech detail...but Mara made a great undersuit style for halo 4/5 spartans to get away with. as for reach to H1-H3. looks like a leather undersuit deal....but again Mara's technique would solve a lot of those issues.

    Just pics hunt and read would be the best way to go about it sadly.
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  7. eckoe17

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    It all comes down o how much detail you want. I've seen a few people who got spandex? painted undersuits which look relly nice if you have the body for it. The rest wears black/paintball/bike garments and some a little masochistic people make their own undersuit. I personally am over 1000 hours of work on mine and still not finished. With undersuits it is the same with the armour parts itself more detail equals more time (or you are gifted with luck/machinery/talent)
  8. Ghost8617


    I wear a black flight suit on my ODST. I felt that the flight suit fit the ODST type of soldier and it looks and feels great.

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