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Hey everybody, I'm new here, and I'd just like to start off by saying this is a great site.

I joined the forum because I really want to make my own suit, but I noticed that most people only focus on the armoured bit for fabricating, and just buy other stuff like moto-cross armour for the undersuit.

This picture has a good view of the underuit from Halo 3

If you notice, the cod piece is attached to the pants with horizontally ribbed material (you can't see it there, but that's what it is), and there are seams vertically on the pants and neck seal, and there's ribbing on the shoulder seams. Also, on the torso, you can see the different segments that make up the sides and the webbed-looking fabric running down the center. That same thing goes down the back, and i think there are some segments on the back just like the front.

This suit would probably be cheap to make as long as you have some sewing skill - or someone with sewing skill - and it would look perfect. That way the suit is just that much more awesome.

EDIT: There's also some interesting indents between the knee and thigh parts
welcome to the site. Yes, someone needs to make a pattern for a good undersuit. Nylon would be a good material I think, who knows. You wanna make the first good one?
i was having one of my girls make me a undersuit but shes taking along time to make it.so i dont know when she well start on it...
I think making a pattern would actually be pretty easy. The only hard part is to choose materials that look tough, but aren't actually that hard to sew. Ideally, I would have some sort of leather-type materal for most of it and some heavy duty elastic ribbing for the shoulders and groin, but it might be a better idea to do it from something a little thinner.
I have a sister that can probably help make the pattern, but it's obviously going to need some work to fit well for the person wearing it.
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