Utterly Fabulous Fangs Poems by the people she wants to hit with a wet noodle

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I was talking to some of you guys on discord about the word "neat" and whether or not it should still be used... shadowshail requested that I use the word as much as possible in my next poem...


Come on let's bring back the word neat
shadowshail deserves the credit-o
Now were all in for a treat
Without him I wouldn't have an idea so neato
Neat is a word that deserves more respect
While your all sitting back sipping your cappuccino
Remember this is a word we need not forget
It's way too neatorino
Neat is a word u use when something is neat
Which means it's something worth the while and cannot be beat
Neato is a slightly diferent variation
That brings us joy all across the nation
When were all drawing a blank and run out of words that we-know
Just remember this word that trump's all others, neatorino!
To quote Jack Nickelson: “I don’t know if it’s art, but I like it!”
I faced my fear of chalkboards and did this.

My friend, if you want this thread to go on
Just keep replying. What could ever go wrong?
As for sports at least we have a virtual one
Its halo of course and it's quite very fun
As for who u could play with
Just ask the 405th
If your bored and and not looking to be a fool
Then have a seat right down on a stool...
And play halo...
It's a game we all love
Just play halo...
Bullets rain from above
Yes just halo
As you soar through the sky
Why not halo?
Probably crash maybe die
Enjoy halo
As your shooting out blasts
While in halo
This games fun always lasts
Cause its halo
As your shut up inside
Please play halo
Dont just sit round and hide
Pick up the remote
get ready to smote
From nostalgia you'll cry
May your enemies die
Your no ordinary guy
If your a spartan say aye
Shoot those grunts in the eye
Give it your best try....
And play...
You know what we should do? I'll say it in rhyme Form to avoid repercussions...

What task should we, the 405th do?
To our own selves and Halo be true?
Respond to the thread 'what can 343 do?'
And ask them to implement ol' FANGS's noodle.

Imagine a cutscene in combat galore
Where there in the background our FANGS can be seen!
Riding a Puma (warthog) forth into war
And in her hand a wet noodle! It gleams!

Unanimously we, as one entity
Should put forward this one heartfelt plea.
FANGS noodle, we want, taking alien lives
And please, please, Oh PLEASE, a dabbing Dirtdives2424!
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