vapir's noble build W.I.P.

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afterall i desided to start a w.i.p. of my build

im definitly no pro
and still not sure, if i'll get it done till release, but i'm doing pretty good progress.

but i got to redo some parts...
had the shoulders, thighs forearms and already the shins
but they were screwed up, not game-accurate enough or just sucked^^

just put on the first coat of color on shins and helmet

pictures about to come
first update!!!
just finished painting the shins and they look pretty nice

tell me,what you think of it
still needs some detailing and repainting on some little areas
and of course the UNSC
does anybody know the font?
and are the little triangles on the insode or outside?
im sure,i could get it finished.
afterall i got holidays...
but now got a job and... i hope ill get some help
its just normal detailed.
i'd say everyone does it atleast like this.

i just got cut out the parts for a thigh

yay progress...
got the first thigh resined and the helmet is nearly completly painted

but the torso...
i dont know what happend...
still hoping ill be able to rescue it...
@ Scrub:
not to stupid
i got no idea bout the shoulders...
got em in my first coler now,but thats all
one thing about the visor...which actually is no visor
its just a REAAAALY cheap foil to tape into realy visors

but that didnt realy work,so i just taped the foil in directly^^

4 of those cost less then one visor
so think of it as an alternative!
i just send back the pressure suit(it was too small)
got my 2nd thigh pepped
hardining it and the torso right now
you can see through from one side( which you should use for the inside)
und the other is mirrored(if you get to close you can see through

but if you look at the pic,you cant see through
Please tell me what its called, so I can build a couple test visors for Gundam suits. I like your idea. Ingenious.

Hope you finish before launch.
Not open for further replies.