WAR MACHINE HIGH-DEF Pepakura files TEAM-UP second try

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by zabana, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. BSlapNinja87

    BSlapNinja87 Jr Member

    does any one still have the files?
  2. zabana

    zabana Member

    The files links are in the first post
  3. dazaet

    dazaet New Member

    Could someone reupload the " Knuckles " file please?.
  4. zabana

    zabana Member

    New link is knuckles by zabana.pdo
    , the old one stops and doesn´t work anymore :(
  5. Spartan 1004

    Spartan 1004 Jr Member

    Wow thanks a lot! Now i got all the files for my HALO and War Machine Armor.
  6. zabana

    zabana Member

    Hehhehe, now yo just need to post pics of it ;)
  7. Breandan

    Breandan New Member

    Started this morning with patterns and template sizing. So, as of this afternoon I have cut, heat-shaped and loose-fit the panels for the core chest piece of the breastplate as seen here-

    Working on the collar and shoulder portions of the breastplate currently, and have several other parts cut and awaiting shaping. Tomorrow I clean up the lines and assemble the breastplate. As you can see, while it is similar to (and uses the files from) War Machine, it is evolving into its own beast :D
  8. Ret

    Ret New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but could someone share all these files in a single download link? 4shared has a ton of ads not to mention the risk of clicking the wrong download button, considering there are about a ton on there available to click.
  9. zabana

    zabana Member

    Good job done Man!

    Will love to see it completely done ;)
  10. Breandan

    Breandan New Member

    Have to redo the chestplate again... lesson learned: never attempt to hot-glue anything together- or do anything requiring attention, focus, and both hands, for that matter- with a two year old, a three month old, cats, and strips of duct tape left unattended for thirty seconds...


    No worries, came up with a better way to do it tonight, will start again tomorrow :D
  11. cycurtis

    cycurtis New Member

    Hi guys,

    Specially to Zabana

    I am new here, and I too also want to make a WM costume,

    are all the parts in the same scale?, I am also new in papakura, I dont know how to scale it to fit in me

    I am 5'8 tall, can you help me how to scale it up/down

  12. zabana

    zabana Member

    Hi there!

    I´m afraid each file is in different scale, but nobody is equal to another one so each person needs to modify it to fit himself.

    Just look for up/downscale command in pepakura designer and change the value :D

    Don´t forget to post your work!

  13. Breandan

    Breandan New Member

    Well, take two on the chestplate went a LOT better, but I was so swamped at the end of the day that I didn't get pics of it with the additional components (inner collar, shoulder ridges, side flanges) glued on. Meh, I have more stuff to attach to it, so here's the WIP pics from earlier today. I went from sitting down with a sharpy to draw out the pattern to what you see there in about an hour. It's getting even further away from the WM base, so I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to continue posting updates on it here. Thoughts?

  14. zabana

    zabana Member

    It´s a good job done there!

    And about posting here is true, maybe is better to do a specific thread and post here the link to go there :D

  15. Breandan

    Breandan New Member

    I am no longer using the War Machine patterns as the primary, so my project now has it's own topic for those who are interested :)
  16. mon007

    mon007 New Member

    hi zabana!

    I'm a great fan or yours. i just wondering if you can pep the big gun in the shoulder of war machine? thank you.
  17. zabana

    zabana Member

    No, sorry, I can´t pep it, but if I´m right here or in the RPF is some file of it to build it ;)
  18. mon007

    mon007 New Member

    oh i see. can you post the link for me? thanks.;)
  19. zabana

    zabana Member

    I have uploaded a few files I´ve got of it ;)

    Gatling guns.rar
  20. mon007

    mon007 New Member

    thanks zabana.:) whats your new project now?
  21. zabana

    zabana Member

    I´m still building my MK3 and from time to time I help my little brother in to a Cloud´s FFVII buster sword real size building, maybe I posted some pics of it time ago :D
  22. mon007

    mon007 New Member

    i'm doing now the iron man mark 6 helmet.:) its so hard to do.:(
  23. seven07

    seven07 New Member

    Hi guys! I'm tring to do iron man and war machine cosplay, but I, and my friend, have found some troubles! I'm 181 cm and my friend's 173 cm, we dont know how to scale armor parts for our body, we can't finde a good solution, if u know some kinde of scale misure! my firend is tring to "unfold undo" the piece, then "undo" it and input in "scale" value the difference between his high and those of the piece :" 173/10,0=17,3" (10,0 is the high of the piece in cm) and this is looking good for all pieces, but we want to be sure that this could be a good way to go on! pls help us and thx ^^

    PS I've downloaded yours pep files of warmachine, and i want to know if that scale is good for me.
  24. zabana

    zabana Member

    Scale it´s pretty way personal so both of you will need to find wich one is the one for you ;)
  25. hollowpoint

    hollowpoint New Member

    I'm currently working on the upper torso, but I have a feeling this is going to be way too small. I'm still confused by the scaling in Pepakura, so any help would be appreciated here. I did my measurements properly. It could be the right size. We'll see. I'll post pictures as I progress.

    Also, here is my helmet...


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