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WAR MACHINE HIGH-DEF Pepakura files TEAM-UP second try

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by zabana, Mar 19, 2011.


    RTGCBT Member

    Thats always a plus, And i am a Major Nerd when it comes to IronMan/War Machine 8-BLove the work you've done.
  2. cable

    cable New Member

    after you invert you mite have to seperate some of the pieces to fit to the scale of your desired size and page size and maby change the direction of the flaps, you can rotate and seperate any pieces, may take a while, especially if you change the scale to fit your body/ limb, may take some hours but worth it, you can get the password to save your work for like 35 bucks from tama soft
  3. cable

    cable New Member

    youll need to measure your limbs and then maby add a centremetre or so (maby more) to take in to consideration for the bondo and fibreglassing, room to move and attatching to other pieces of armour, some of the pieces can look small at first but when built will fill out to be the appropriate piece as long as you have measured your body to the scale size of what and where the part is allocated, some trial and error may be needed to find the rite measurements to suite your need from the suite and to be in proportion to the other armour pieces, lots of rotating and trimming pieces in the pep program can be very usefull aswell as timeconsuming but worth it when finally constructing each piece
  4. cable

    cable New Member

    hey zabana soz i havent gotten round to touching up the forearm pep file been busy azz even got me a mrs, should be getting in to fixing the redlines soon:D
  5. bsir

    bsir New Member

    Since several different people modeled and unfolded the suit, there will probably be varying scales used for each piece, my best advice is to scale each piece individually. So far I've pepped the chest and my first run through was too small at a scale of 1.47, so for me anyway that piece was far too small.
  6. DBmike

    DBmike Well-Known Member

    love the chest and back piece, might have to rebuild my entire upper body using that pep file :)
  7. dazaet

    dazaet New Member

    All the links are down T.T could someone share them please? (edit) all the files are working; but my dumb jdownloader dind't recognize them T.T (edit)Thanks for those awesome files!
  8. gremlin

    gremlin New Member

  9. Dark Iron

    Dark Iron New Member

    Deta can you please post front & side full body photo of it please...

    im working on my war machine helmet nw... i will post the pictures soon.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 2, 2017
  10. cable

    cable New Member

    hey everybody, just wanted to say hi and hope everyone is still creating warmachine, where's all the pics??? ill post my almost finished work soon, please dont let this thread die!!
  11. zabana

    zabana Member

    Yep, it´s pretty sad :(

    Only a few people posted pics :´(
  12. cable

    cable New Member

    man im gonna post some new ones very soon!!!n this thread is not gonna die!!!
  13. Warmachined

    Warmachined New Member

    My work

    Mi trabajo, ahora queda endurecerlo pero nose muy bien como hacerlo...



    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  14. Doctor

    Doctor New Member

    Well done ! pretty smooth pep, you've made good use of the files.
    Have you done the chest piece yet ?
  15. zabana

    zabana Member

    That´s a pretty good job done man!!!

    Te ha quedado de fabula tio!!!

    Si necesitas ayuda tan solo mandame un mail o un PM y te echo una mano.

    Yo soy de España!
  16. Warmachined

    Warmachined New Member


    Not yet.. first of all I want to apply the resin, but i d'nt know how.
  17. Dark Iron

    Dark Iron New Member

    Check out here Warmachined
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 31, 2017
  18. Breandan

    Breandan New Member

    First off, bravo to everyone who busted their butts to get this set put together. Secondly, I am taking a serious trial-by-fire run at this as my very first build will be armour for a game that is similar to War Machine in body, and thus using the WM files as a base pattern and modified further. So, not only am I doing a complex build for my first one, I am then making significant modifications to it to re-design it to match the one from the game rather than Iron Man.

    ...I think I may be insane, not sure :D

    Anyway, even though it won't be pretty, and won't be identical to WM, I'll post pics as I progress so people can critique (read: "so people can look at what I make and wonder how drunk the chimpanzee I handed the files was" ;) )
  19. zabana

    zabana Member

    I always like to see people's work, the most if is from our files ;)

    Good luck!!!
  20. Breandan

    Breandan New Member

    The current plan is to build the armour in foam initially, harden it, then make molds from it for casting using fast-cast urethane and fiberglass (for critical parts). This is a prototype for a series of sets of armour for a promotional video being shot over the winter for the game company, and will feature a team of mercs in the armour in combat. So, it has to be tough and capable of handling movement. I managed to get a lot of guys from my former team who are back stateside to volunteer to do it, so these will be trained operators moving in the suits. That means I have to work out all of the kinks for tactical movement with the prototype first. A lot of the info on this thread, plus some other sources of people who did similar work, has been VERY helpful in giving me ideas on how to mod out the parts as they are made. The armour has a similar structure in the torso to War Machine's (solid upper chest with raised shoulder pieces, segmented overlapping abdomen, etc.), but the helmet, legs and arms are closer to ODST or Mjolnir in some ways, so it's an experiment in Frankenarmour :D
    Here's a concept pic, but the end product will probably be a good deal different as it is one thing to draw it, another to wear and move in it.
  21. zabana

    zabana Member

    Pretty interesting indeed :O
  22. BSlapNinja87

    BSlapNinja87 Jr Member

    so did iron man get the boot then?
  23. zabana

    zabana Member

    Don´t understand what do you mean :(
  24. BSlapNinja87

    BSlapNinja87 Jr Member

    will he still be made
  25. zabana

    zabana Member

    I guess so

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