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WAR MACHINE HIGH-DEF Pepakura files TEAM-UP second try

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by zabana, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Don Juan

    Don Juan New Member

    Thought i posted pictures of my progress..here they are

  2. Kangabox

    Kangabox Jr Member

    Key is to over-scale it man, like I did ;)

    War Machine needs to have the illusion of bulkiness, adds to the effect:


    Remember, the War Machine Suit itself is actually a suit on top of a suit. It's a MKII suit that was uparmored by Hammer, so the actual War Machine suit itself, is mostly just an exoskeleton made by Hammer.

    Just keep hitting that CTRL+L in designer, until out comes a happy face.
  3. cole burns

    cole burns New Member

    Hello, I'm kinda new here and I'm a noob at pepakura's I downloaded your file, warmachine helmet, but it doesn't have number guides on it. I wish you could help me show those numbers.
  4. Don Juan

    Don Juan New Member

    Click on the 2D part then click..show edge ID..
  5. Don Juan

    Don Juan New Member

    Just wondering had anyone finished a whole suit made of fiberglass..need to ask some questions...thanks
  6. ajwright7

    ajwright7 New Member

    Does someone have the entire War Machine 3D model of Zambanas War Machine? I was doing some research and stumbled across some information where someone said that if you had the 3D model of the entire thing pieced together, you could scale the armor as a whole or if you have what he referred to as a "human model" where you could place all the parts where they belong.

    Here's the link for where I found this out:


    I hope my mumbling was understandable.

  7. Drayid

    Drayid New Member

    hand link

    HI the hand link seems to be done. reads 'The file link that you requested is not valid.'
  8. Don Juan

    Don Juan New Member

    20130311_221734.jpg i havent updated this in awhile
  9. bditty

    bditty New Member

    none of the download links for the helmet seem too be working for me does anyone have a link theyre positive is working thank you.
  10. The BorosBoss

    The BorosBoss

    Hi bditty, please look at the date of the last post on the thread before you post. Here on the 405th we consider any thread more than a month old or so to be "dead," meaning if you want information about it you should PM the owner rather than posting. The last post on this thread was in 2013. Necroposting is our term for what you just did. It bumps up old threads and bumps down ones that are still in use. You get a pass the first few times but just look at the date of the last post. Otherwise, welcome to the 405th!

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