Warning : Mitchell Laine : Fraud on the 105th.

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Is there any actual possible way to get rid of these type of people?
Sadly, there isn't. Because people will always try to make a "quick buck" in the same way someone else will try to get it as cheaply and easily as possible. I see it a lot in my career field of Cosmetology. Salons who perform services they know they shouldn't for the soul purpose of getting the money... Sadly, more often than not, we end up having to fix the mess they cashed in on and more often than not for a lot less than it really should have cost to fix in the first place.

Greed is a common thing and some people believe that if they can get a hold of molds or a finished suit to cast that they could sit back and roll in the money while doing the least amount of work possible. They don't realize that selling the molds, the kit, or anything for that matter without a license could hurt them in the long run. After all we are dealing with copyrighted material here and US (Along with the bulk of the rest of the world.) Copy-right law requires any instance of selling/buying copyrighted material that goes unchecked threatens the copyright holder's claim to their own copyright. They way the court sees it is if I don't defend my own work then why should they? It's like the whole Mojang v. Bethesda case earlier this summer. Notch knew Bethesda really didn't care about Scrolls but they had to make the case for future lawsuits down the road. This is why Mojang never took the lawsuit "seriously" and instead let the Lawyers hash it out.

To me I think that is why the original creators and forum members of 405th take this so seriously. It isn't as much as, "Oh hey this guy is trying to make money off something I made." Instead it's more, "Oh hey this guy is using kit I made to make money. If they nail him then they can just as easily turn a case around on me for making it in the first place." For me it's sort of the Elephant in the room that most new members are oblivious too. They think it's all about the money when it goes much deeper than that.

I'm kind of rambling I realize but the whole jest of it is this. I make a mold for myself for use in personal cosplay or what-ever. I get tired of using it so I give the mold to someone and they turn around and start making pieces and selling it. Unless he's got the license from the original company or the copyright owner to reproduce this he can be sued. Since he got it from me in the first place he can throw it back on me and really at that point it's just my word against his. We're all drug into litigation and this is why everyone is so protective over molds and pieces. Wash, rinse, and repeat with another member and his mold later down the time-line.

Regardless, my point is this. People are just f*ing greedy and if they think they can make a quick buck off you they will. As Sheri Lewis and Lambchop would say, "It is the song that never ends; It just goes on and on my friend."


Just a heads up to everyone.
He has been at it again on the RPF forum under the username of LOCUST. Keep your eyes out for anything here, and PM me immediately if you receive anything from him, or his other accounts. And if you don't know the person, ask the mods. but if they are in Brisbane, i will know them.
The problem with IP banning someone is that they can very easily reset their IP address. But it might at least slow him down a bit. Increase his chances of getting caught by the feds or asio or cops or whoever gets him first. Maybe we could start a real regiment intent on hunting these low life scum bags and doing something about the issue with that proverbial 'Personal touch' ;)

Croc co

I say guys we should run him through with an energy sword

All in favor?

( am I being to harsh or does he need to be squashed by a scarab?)


i think the scarab would be more LOL then the sword.

There is another way na di'm not sure if this will work or not, but it was used years ago on my parents website. They used a code for all pages that would not let you right click any where on the page to pull up the little window with all kinds of stuff on it.

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This is really a sad thing that a person stoops to. From now on there should be some sort of background check before you buy anything off of anyone. Meaning they should have a refferel from a credible person, who replies themselves and tells you that the person is a credible person that you are buying this off of.

As funny as showing up with a scorpion in front of the man's house, but I think this calls for a little more seriousness.


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*sigh and shakes head* It's so sad that people would go as so low as to steal other people's work and sell it as their own (and in most cases, not even send A item). I see this happen oh too often; with anime cosplays on ebay (and/or independent sites), now armor on forums like this, even art from various places.
It's so sad.... Some people just have NO respect for an artist and their work. So rude... Never mind the person they're scamming, but just the sheer lack of humanity....

I find that comment a tad hypocritical. 405th members upload pictures into google sketch and solidworks or rino and copy Bungies hard work and dub it as theirs. No one here has given credit where credit is due. Example Bla bla drew this and I'm copying it in order to make a pepakura verision so cosplayers can use it. And i've read the comments about this and I'm not so sure this person is scamming. Sounds like this person is selling halo armor as a buisness. From having read the rules Adam and his admins do not permit this activity. Is that why you're refering to someone as a fraud? If the item is legally in his possesion it is in fact his did he make it well no. He can say I am selling my 405th helmet and that isn't fraud but in doing so you're probally going to make the 405th admins very angry because we all took a oath not to do this. I think we're over reacting a bit here. Lets not go on a witch hunt and it's been reported kewl. People know what he looks like kewl. Lets drop the matter and get on with our lives and be rid of drama.
im sorry but I cannot agree with the above assesment. The guy was caught doing some thing wrong. He has to pay for it. At that yes i agree we should drop it. But he continues to do this so he obviously hasnt got the message yet. Its in the admins hands so they are the ones to handle it now.


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This seems to happen everywhere, stuff like this is an infestation in the airsoft and paintball community too. They are some serious immature Bastards.
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