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if your using great stuff to fill the whole interior of the armor, using pepakura, do what your going to do within one week,,, cause the foam will compress, it made it look weird but ima just work with it
what do you mean? like after a week the stuff just compress and shrinks all by itself, thus hurting the armor?
i posted on this about a week ago
the foam starts to contract crushing your form
if you leave it alone it will do it naturally in one week
if you pierce the skin on the foam or disolve it with something ... like resin it accelerates the process to something like 5 hours

NIGHT B4 CUT looks nice right?

back from work after cutting


if you inject the foam in strings along the inside 1/2in apart they mesh together to form a thin protective shell...and during contraction if youre lucky it will pop loose from the form leaving a nice clean shell and mounting space for padding
you were suppose to buy the great stuff thats in the Blue and Red can. Thats the kind that will not turn your helmet into POOP.
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If you do it again, maybe hold back a little on the amount and try to do a lattice work over the seams?
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