Props Warthog Build


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If you're not that far from D.C. by any chance would this thing make it to KatsuCon? Fantastic work by the way, I've been wanting to make one myself for years now.


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Look awesome, and also heavy as all hell. Have you thought about making composite panels to lighten your curb weight and strain on the driveline?

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It's been a while, so figured an update was overdue...
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Amazing..... looking more and more like a warthog. You have so many details. Every time I look a picture I notice something new. So you built the frame from scratch? Looks pretty beefy. Also looks like you have access to some type of CNC plasma cutter? judging from the body and suspension mounts. Just dam cool man. Also where’d you come up with that instrument cluster. Those gauges will look awesome. That’s looking forward to seeing the end product!!


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Damn! THIS warthog looks sooo awesome! I am getting jealous here xD

This gives me and my bf some dumb ideas.. we've been thinking of building our own warthog.. but first we need to get the money ready!

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Obviously this project is breath-taking. I know you say warthog...but I would think you could swap in some rocket-launchers or a gauss-cannon if you wanted. Seriously though, I’m not sure I’ve seen the turret arm on other warthog builds so this is awesome.

I’m ignorant about eastern USA, are you able to work in the winter months? Would like to see more soon, my brother would really appreciate this build.

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A few overdue updates. Rest assured I work on this thing constantly, but most of the efforts this season have been re-doing the hood and internal things like wiring... and I've got to build everything from scratch.


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This is looking fantastic, I know how car work goes, especially with custom fabrication and figuring things out on the fly. Amazing work, keep it up! The windshield looks great too! did you have a custom mold made for that? or were you able to source a similar piece from somewhere else?


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Holy cr*p that's amazing! Maybe I should order one as a gift to my friend. He still doesn't forgive me for accidentally getting a gaus-hog blown up.
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