well my saturday mornings are free now


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for over twenty years I'll watch a station that showed a Saturday morning cartoon program even toonmai hosted it for a while, but now they gone and replace it all with out doors show the whole five hours, no more dragon ball z kai, no more Spiderman, no more yu-gi-oh, it's out doors no stop and for what reason. kids like to watch them my little bother went off when they didn't give a line up for next week. and every other station has been doing the same thing, its all out doors shows at least we can still watch the old bat man when it comes on but them doing this is just using power to do something that will hurt them in the long run. I mean 343i might be doing something like that but at least they're doing something positive with the CW, just lost me as a supporter for the weekends and as many would say I've got to say this.