Were you or are you in the Military? Which Branch is the Best?

Best Branch

  • Marine Corps

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  • Coast Guard (cough... cough... doesn't count)

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Hey everyone just decide to start this thread to indulge a curiosity of mine. So who all here is Active Duty, Reserves, Guard or a Veteran? I know we're in here and I've meet a few but I'm just curious to see how many we got. I'll go first, I'm Senior Airman Rainer E4, USAF. So far done over three and a half years Active duty and soon I'll be out because I most definitely am not reenlisting. Quick note please no Stolen Valor crap. That is a very quick way to piss me and almost everyone else off who has ever served.
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Signaller Russell, 2 Signals Squadron, 1st New Zealand Signal Regiment, New Zealand Army. Systems Engineer. Active duty for 2 years, Feb 2015 - Dec 2016, basically 2 years.

Greetings from Ngāti Tūmatauenga,"Tribe of the God of War"

Corporal First Class, Wilson here. Demolition/Special Recon/Coxswain/Airborne trooper, 6 Company, 1st Commando Battalion, Singapore Armed Forces. 2 years of active duty. I'm currently enjoying my civilian life.

Great meeting everyone here.

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