What Are Your Favourite Types Of Power Armour

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Jason 078

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I haven't played the game, but I have seen the trailers and I love the power armor. The look is what drew me to it. I also have the pep files, so I might even make it one of these days.

Oh, it is from a game called Vanquished.



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As a 40k fan, I gotta say my favourite type of power armor is the Mk. 2 Crusade for that special "Space Knight" look.

Since I also avidly play Fallout games I have to say that the Enclave Remnants Power Armor is one of my favourites.

As for Halo, I like the EVA permutation best, as well as the Semi-Powered Infiltration armor from Ghosts of Onyx, both for their wide visor designs.
I guess there's no need for images for both of these.
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