What Are Your Favourite Types Of Power Armour

Das Brutus

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Black Templar from Warhammer 40k

The only armor TRUELY made for one of my build...

"No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!"



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Das Brutus said:
Black Templar from Warhammer 40k

The only armor TRUELY made for one of my build...

"No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!"


I like the Imperium BUT my heart is set on the Tau Empire Brak'ila sept(My sept that i made for 40K)
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009 SPA

FGSFDS, it's power armour. I can't stand all this supir manly and dainty feminine stuff either. The jet trooper from StarWars battlefront and the MkVI MJOLNIR suits are quite good though.

Sigma LS

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gmstrowabarton said:
Hmm Power Armor that I like, an Elemental from Battletech I plan to make one to wear at some point



With Mk V my #2 and T51 my #3.
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I have to say that the Starcraft 2 marines have some kick trash armor. Check it out:

Heres one of one of the official costumes that were made for blizzard by some french company:

One of the things I like about the marine, is that it feels more mechanized than the others and you can see it being assembled.
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Angels of Shadow

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I like the 40k Astartes armour Mk III, IV and V.
MK III: I love the whole sci-fi-Knight look
Mk IV: Not sure why this appeals to me...it just does.
Mk V: Like the common Mk VII but more brutal looking. I always imagined it with a thin layer of blood on it.


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My favs would be the Master Chiefs' Mark VI, Iron man's Hulk Buster armor and the cyclones from Robotech

Lord Talon

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Don't know if it counts as power armour....but Guyver Unit 1 Gigantic. ( I would say Exceed, but that's a little TOO big!)


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Geez quite a few, first there is the mjolnir , then the iron man suits, the powerloader from aliens, snake eyes suit from the sf3d universe, the wolverine suits from command and conquer tiberian sun, Exo squad cartoon suits, Battletech mechs and elementals, The suit from the old anime maddox 01, man I could go on and on


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Due to it's size it's counts as a Power Armor.
The Gernsback M9 and ARX-7 Arbalest. Along with Exo Squad and Blu Gender's Type 4.

There are a ton of suits out there nowadays, so it's pretty hard to really chose.
Zakus are great in my opinion but they're 40+ feet tall, Little too big to be just a plain old Power Armor Though. XD


Most of the Hardsuits from Bubblegum crisis (Original)


Also +1 on the Elemental battle armor! I recal there was someone most of the way through creating a pep of it. Was that you?
Big decision with the adeptus astartes the imperial guard karskin the crisis suit or the old republic commando but I have probably got to go with imperial guard karskins or storm troopers.

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