What Did Santa Bring You?

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Wrath of the Lich King expansion
$100 bill
Hot Shots/Hot Shots Part Deux movies (looking for a reciept to take it back)
tons of candy
Sinus infection (yukk)

I get the rest on friday when I go see the other half of the family.
dungbeetle said:
Wrath of the Lich King expansion
$100 bill
Hot Shots/Hot Shots Part Deux movies (looking for a reciept to take it back)
tons of candy
Sinus infection (yukk)

I get the rest on friday when I go see the other half of the family.

Dude, hot shots movies are freaking hilarious, watch them at least once, they are worth keeping.
I'd be happy to get those movies.
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I got a little over $200, some parts for my car, some cat toys (my cats love them lol), and my dad reimbursed me for a Blackberry I bought on eBay... should get it in a week or two.

I also told my parents I wanted a motorcycle for Christmas as a joke... almost got one but my dad had bad timing and the guy sold it before he got back to him :(

I'm not usually one for holidays but this Christmas has turned out to be rather entertaining.


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mp5 player! not the gun! its from china i guess since my dad went there for a business trip!
and a new shotgun so no more crooks stealing things no more! lol


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I got some shirts, a coat, boxers......clothes.......but hey, good health and a funny family arguement over why my sister was stuffin her gullet full of potatoes lol.

Plus I got this book, Predator- Forever midnight. First 3 pages a chick gets stuck with a "metal disc" (aka Smart disk) in the face lol. Iam hopin to get some more predator books soon.



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-T-Mobile G1 "G-Phone"
-Yamaha EZ200
-2 Kickass Hoodies
-Batman: The Killing Joke
-Batman: the Dark Night Returns
-2009 Playboy Calender (lol)
-Receipt for a $100 Gift Card to Best Buy...which my brother received -.-

Though my birthday is on Nov. 23 so my parents usually just skip my B-Day and give me all my stuff on Christmas as big gifts, or vise versa.


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...a ps3.... I'm using it to post this...

Also, a student copy of maya, mudbox, motionbuilder, and toxic....



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i got
25 lbs of clay
packing tape
a new hot glue gun
parts for adding fans and LEDs to my helmet
a new mp3 player (fuze)
and a watch that has a 2 gig flash drive built in...its super james bond like


for christmas i got wirless adapter
gift card to H&M
gift card to west forty nine
kung fu panda bonus pack movie set
too shirts
and roomteck beingz there sick they tlakto eachother?:eek: and the lamp lights up by touch and follows your finger.
and amp for new guitar
soap :p
$130 wich go tme my xbox. parents payed the rest.
wow i feel spoiled being an only child and all

i got:

FiberGlass Resin

FiberGlass mat

4 Gears of war figures

4 McFarlene Halo figures including active camo brute stalker

Halo interactive strategy DVD Game

Limited edition god of war psp

left 4 dead

new Halo 3 (old one broke)

call of duty WaW

Gears of war lancer

12 in. Master Chief

and a sh$% load of clothes


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yeah my family mind you all, my family i live with doesn't go hog wild on the gifts, but others do sort of i got 45 dollars because they felt bad because i geuss they ignore me (i thought i was doing a realy good job avoiding them.) but i got BAND of BROTHERS COC WaW and some movies,
Jax Archillies said:
wait those are pics of two different model DW pedals....

the 9000 is way better than the 5000's.

which did you get?

I know, I got the 5000's, those were just stock pics to show, and the pic with the carrying case had the 9000 in there, even though it was for the 5000.
I really like the 5000, the 9000 are nice too, but they have a bigger learning curve.
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Tater Mane

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- Saitek Cyborg keyboard, mouse, and game pad thing
- Graphics tablet for PC
- 1/16 R/C WWII Panzerkampfwagen (the cat already hates it)
- Vallejo Model Color 72 color paint set + brushes (for figures n stuffs)
- Wireless 360 headset
- 360 controller charger
- Knife with my initials engraved on one side and "Tater Mane" on the other.
- Star Wars original trilogy movie poster prints
- $50 Visa gift card
- $30 Game Stop gift card
- Guitar Learning DVD + book
- "I never finish anyth" t-shirt
- "Johnny was a chemists son" t-shirt

I was surprised at the amount of stuff I got this year. I was only thinking I was getting the paint and maybe the tank and the shirts, but I guess my dear mother remembered that I had requested all of the other goodies throughout the year.


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In order of opening (No, I didn't document it, just have good memory ;))

T-shirt, Bald Eagle clutching a pitch fork and torch, sorta looks like the Presidential Seal. The wording under says, "Torches and Pitch forks, saving Americans from politicians since 1791"

US Tour of freedom shirt, sorta hard to explain but it is nice

Glenn Beck t-shirt. It has his logo with the words, "We're all going to die!" under it. Glenn Beck is my hero. :)

Mirror's Edge with Mirror's Edge running bag. Turns out the bag holds my 17" laptop perfectly.

Halo: The Cole Protocol

Xbox-360 T-shirt with metal tin

Family Guy Calender

Some nice silk and wool socks

A small Lego set as a joke

Some Cologne, because somebody as shmexy as my has to smell good as well ;)

A bit of candy

And something I was NOT expecting at all, new saddle bags for my Harley!

A good chunk of change as well. It twas a good Christmas. Best part was hanging with my Family. :)


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xXBattle RifleXx said:
wow i feel spoiled being an only child and all

i got:

new Halo 3 (old one broke)

So did i may copy was scartched to hell.Also i got a new X-BOX 360 :)
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