What Did Santa Bring You?

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Rowinish said:
(y) a double bass petal.
Any way I got fish that glow iridescent highlighter colors when you shine a black light on them. (y) ;)

I had some of these fish. Their called glo-danios. Watch em closely tho, they dont live as long as normal Danios. They were originally used to test waste water in sewers lol.
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RadioactiV777 said:
I got
-$100 from my mothers fiancee (he's really nice)
-Some new clothes that I really needed, but my favorite present was (only drummers know how I feel about this)

And it has a nice carrying case, it's beautiful!

Nice, im a guitarist, but i understand how nice tht is. Our drummer got a double bass too, so hopefully we'll be able to play some better songs :L he was pretty slick with a single bass though, so i cant wait to hear him on double!

More on topic, i got:

A 32" LCD TV
Behringer Heavy Distortion Pedal
Around £75 in gift cards and vouchers
A Mandolin
Brisingr (Book)
Loads of new clothes
8 gb memory stick
and a mini amp tht works as a speaker for ipod off my girlfriend (sorry for those guys that just split with theirs, i understand and feel for ya, this is my first successful relationship :L)
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let's see...

an awesome jacket that none of you would probably like, A WACOM TABLET (bamboo fun) *picture*, call of duty 4, some new skullcandy headphones...i think that's it


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i lied about my previous post, i got a digi camera. i also purchased a 1tb hd

how do you like the bamboo fun?


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My husband got me Adidas cross training gear, a Boxing Glove key chain and a pair of guess jeans.

Mom & Dad gave us money to help buy a fence. Our 2 best friends did the same.

Aunts also gave us some cash + a sweater each.

I bought my husband a year of XBL Gold, Left 4 Dead, and new tennis shoes.


We cut back this year and kept it to what people actually wanted/needed. Worked out good.


I got Halo 2, Guitar hero on tour Decades for my DS, Laser Tag Plasma Rifle, Windows Vista (for halo 2), and some other stuff.
I got Vista on the 26th because it took us a bit to figure out how it worked. I successfully beaten Halo 2 on Normal, and am waiting to use my one month free live subscription (Wow, that was long.)


I have to restart my computer every time I want to use Vista. (That's Bootcamp for ya!)
I am running Mac OSX Leopard, with two Partitions. Each partition holds an OS. So I can swap between Vista and OSX, Except I have to restart.


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I just found out that my mother ordered me the Watchmen graphic novel!!!!! A late present better than no present at all!

Tater Mane

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Spartan857 said:
I just found out that my mother ordered me the Watchmen graphic novel!!!!! A late present better than no present at all!
You will enjoy it. I can guarantee that.
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Here is my list

-M1 Carbine with 5 15 rnd mags and 6 30 rnd mags, and 150 rnds of ammo
-SKS rifle with 3 different mags ( 1 30, 1 20, and 1 10)
-the title to my truck :lol:
-$250 in checks (Banked)
-$50 in resturant gift cards
-some shirts
-a wacky alarm clock
-random crap


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Santa brought me nothing -.-.
Anyway I did get to go to California for Christmas, but while I was there I spent atleast half the day in Church.

I did ask my mom for allowance and i do start after new years. So that is an up side.


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I got a video camera from my parents, and the Red vs. Blue: Blood Gulch Chronicles box set from my girlfriend. Which was especially awesome, since on our first date there weren't any good movies in theaters, so we watched the first three seasons of BGC... I knew she was a keeper right away :love:


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Santa brough me the best presents EVER!

I got:

Clothes! :)
$700 :D
Fallout 3
A gaming chair
Other stuff!



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