What music nr are you currently listening!

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WiskeyFoxtrot said:
soulja boy

nice, crank dat soulja boy

Rooftops-Lost Prophets (guys should listen to it)
I Walk Alone-Saliva

and yes, im listening to all simultaniousliy (sp?)
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TheBlue said:
Teenagers- My Chemical Romance

Purple Haze- Jimi

Crazy Train- Ozzy

I love the 70's & 80's rock...


now im listening to

pour some sugar on me- Def Lepard
Basment Girl-Oneside Red
Until the Day I Die-Story of the Year
The Truth About Heaven- Armor for Sleep
f*** on cocaine= Dj Caffeine

and the rest of my playlist. i will jsut leave it at that
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Now Playing:

Iron Man-Ozzy

Fade to Black-Metallica

Mack the Knife-Frank Sinatra (WTF I know :roll: ...)

And so on...
Spartan-118 said:
Stronger - Daft punk and kanye west

Counterfeit-Limp bizkit

Move Along-The all American rejects

Nice. Just saw that vid w/ Kanye and Daft ;-)

A couple more songs I got:

Man in the Box-Alice in Chains

Bodies-Drowning Pool

The War-Angels & Airwaves
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