What should i get?

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Can always give me the money, otherwise go get the halo mini statues, or tradingcards they have at gamestop. There awesome. or just wait and save up and buy like a million of those cool halo 3 action figures.!
I could get you a red paper clip?

Or you could buy a house in saskatchewan :lol:

I don't know, honestly, 100 dollars is easy to spend, go to the mall or walmart and you'll find something.
abandonship said:
the orange box. i want that game so bad

do as this man says. even if it's just for portal. Portal is, without a doubt, the absolute best game I've played since the old Lucas Arts adventure games of yore.
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Alright, im getting the ArtFX statue... and im not going to have a competition for it.. maybe something else later on... we'll see.
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