Which Armor am I making??

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I downloaded Siga-ls pep files and started making my armor. I thought it was MarkVI , but now I see some other files or pics that say MVI and some of them look do not look like mine. Which one am I making???
Probably MKV. Sigma-ls has provided MKV files as well as Moz. JediFraz provided the Halo 2 files and Slyfo and Flying_Squirrel I think are providing the Halo 3 Files.
drgon47 is correct.... but...

Just to head off the question I feel coming.... the Mk V is H1, MK VI is H2 and H3.... but the peps based on the H2 game models are less detailed than the peps base on the H3 models.... more detail makes them slightly harder to build, but they will have more detail+++

You see my blog is the build of a MK VI from Slyfo's peps, and H3 game model...
Thanks for the help. Just a little confusion o_O I guess I will keep what I have and detail it with bondo and other things! Which is fine. I have all of it togther but the legs.
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