Wii Zapper

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kinda smgish but it looks like fun for fps games on wii

I liked the look of the prototype better, but this one seems like it'll be much easier to use.

It's supposed to go for 20 dollars and be packaged with a game. Gee, I wonder what game that could be...

At least I'm crossing my fingers. It's been too long...
woo cant wait! they need more arcade games for the wii.. like u dont have to move. it moves for you.. but you just shoot like the good ol days.

what do you guys think?
adreniline said:
How much will this be? I will enjoy my COD2 even more.
They said 20 dollars at E3. And it may not work for games that aren't optimized for it (i.e. if you have to move the nunchuk independently of the remote, the Zapper will not work).

Apparently first game to make use of the new Zapper (aside from the game it's packed with) will be the new Resident Evil.
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