Will you download Halo: CE?

Will you download Halo:CE?

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Jr Member
To push me into spending 1200 points for Halo, even though there is a copy sitting in a stack, I want to see some improvements.

I don't mind so much the old graphics, especially with the patches already in place on the 360. I'm very nostalgic to the old look. All I really would want from it is a Live feature. I don't know how to do this, game lobbies or whatnot, maybe something like the Halo PC. I need the old feel of the game, a pistol that can shoot all across the map and be a mini sniper rifle. Until then, I'll be sticking to that beat up disc that is probably getting scratched to hell right now.

Walter Spase

Well-Known Member
Well, there is a 120Gig HD available now... but I assume you know that lol...

And for all those with an existing copy of Halo CE, there are programs available that provide you with game lobbies so that you can "System Link" across the Internet, I use XBox Connect, or XBC for short.... what do you think I did the entire time everyone else was playing H2...


Well-Known Member
i had XBC for like a day. then suddenly my computer crapped out and i lost all my files (from viruses). now it's slow as hell, even after we wiped it.

120 gig's cost soooo much though, and my parents wont let me get a job til i get my DL