Windows, Mac or Linux?

I want to know what OS most people use on their computers?

I love mac. I used to be against mac and hate it with a passion about 3 years ago. But after playing around with linux and learning my way around UNIX based systems I have come to love linux and then mac (Plus, Apple makes fantastic, top of the line computers). I currently hate windows with a passion :)

So what does everyone else think?


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I've been forced to use Windows for my entire life (schoolwork, and then having to use it at my job), so I've become good enough at it's weirdness to make it work properly. Also, it has all the programs I use. So yeah, gonna have to say Windows on this one.


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Oh god, imminent flame war ahead. I'm just going to keep my opinions to myself regarding Apple products.

I've been using Windows 7 and love it. I have used a few versions of Linux in my networking class during school and like it as well.


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Im working as a Java Programmer and I love Windows 7, but I have to admit Vista was really bad. I am afraid for a flame war here in a near future.

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Well, I'm running all 3 flavors of the major OS-es right now. Windows 7 as the host computer, OSX in a virtual machine (that was a major pain in the arse to get setup), Ubuntu in another, XP in yet another, and Fedora in a 3 virtual machine.

Having an i7 and 6gb of RAM makes screwing around with different OS-es very, very handy.

But the OS I use the most is Windows 7. I'm a gamer. Built my computer myself (and BTW, Apple does not make top-of-the-line computers. They make mid range computers and charge top of the line prices). They do make nice laptops. Still overpriced, but fairly nice.

Just be careful with the new i7 laptops. Apple engineers forgot that the rules of physics apply to them and didn't consider the heat output. If you do heavy stuff on them, they crash and burn.

And in case it was hard to tell, I'm not exactly the biggest Apple fan.

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I have been in the high tech computer industry for over 25 years doing Sales, Repairs, Consulting, Programming, Hosting etc... So this is an easy question.

Question: "I want to know what OS most people use on their computers?"
Answer: 93% for Windows, 5% for OSX and 1% for Linux. All rounded to the nearest percentile.

As for Windows, Windows XP is still the most common. This reference can be found on the Wiki.



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I have Windows 7. It's okay. Windows Vista gave me a headache, and XP fossilized.

If I learned how to use Linux, I guess that'd be cool. I've seen crazy things happen with nerds and Linux.

I never had a Mac, so it frustrates me when someone hands me a Mac and expects me to know what's wrong with it.

At least I don't have to use my dad's Tandy 3000...
I had a pc for a few years. It was the most worthless machine I have ever had, breaking all the time with tech support "fixing" the problem, only to have 3 more replace it. I'm not really a computer person, but my mac has been flawless since i got it two years ago. Sure the machine may seem overpriced, but you're paying for customer service as well, which is extremely helpful, unlike those at microsoft who don't seem to give a $#%^. Only downside is I can't run pepakura.
well, theres my rant!


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window xp... really gotta upgrade it. just gotta say, this is the most tame thread I have EVER seen with people talking about macs Vs. Pcs. my views: 1.) dell sucks. get over it 2.) apple makes good laptops but way overpriced desktops. A starting price of $2500 for a standard tower computer running Xeon come-on, that's highway robbery. 3.) macs seem to be for people who want a computer that runs... but don't want to upgrade it or learn to much about the operating system. and don't get me started on the mac mini, don't kid me that its a full computer, its a home entertainment computer. no more.


mac > windows 7 > windows vista > windows xp > linux.

Seriously, I like unix and I have linux installed (ubuntu and debian). I converted to mac from windows vista (which I liked), and for everyday use I just need something that works and doesn't annoy me. windows is annoying at times and linux doesn't work or isn't polished enough.

macs are overpriced but considering it's the best OS out there and is POSIX (unix standard) compatible, of course that's expensive, otherwise, windows 7 is really good imo.


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I started out hating MAC with a passion in my college science classes, but after getting use to it I've started to really enjoy the simplicity of it. I use windows 7 as well, but I am growing less fond of it the more I use my Ipad and friends macbook


I do small time computer repair as a hobby. Most of all my stuff is windows. I usually run windows 7 or xp. I do have a few that run vista but it days are numbered, i learned a lot to tweak it (vista) for my use(gaming and multi tasking) only real bitch i have about vista is it's a resource hog out of the box. I have taught myself some about Linux and have one machine dedicated too it and keep a bootable pendrive in my pocket as a back up. I like the light resources and how good it runs on older machines. But i don't think it is still ready for main stream because of all the trouble you can run into for installing new software at times. My personal experiences with mac is i learned to hate them in the old days when they had special incompatible with anything else forcing you to use there OS and ways. I have tried some of the newer ones, but the way i like to run my systems i find it limiting and don't really see one in my future. They have improved a lot with compatibility and i like the looks of them. But just like hot rodding, i like what is under the hood too and most of them just don't cut it.