Wiring LED TO helmet

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Im new to thiese projects of making armour but was curious how do you wire the leds to a switch and battery (basically saying, i have no idea of anything to do with electronics)? im knew to these so please dont get to technical
ok heres my little LED tut
heres what you'll need

-soilder iron
-flux paste (if you want it)
-red and black wire (i used 20 gau)
-resistors 100 ohm
-white LEDs
-9V connector

1st you'll need to know that LEDs has a short (-) and a long (+) leg

plus if you look closely theres a small (+) and a fat (-) wire inside the

ok now you'll need to set up the LEDs bend a short leg out on one LED then on the other bend the long leg..this is called series

then add flux to one of the legs

then soilded them into series like so

now soilder a resistor to the longer leg which is the +

next soilder the red wire to the resistor then the switch

then soilder the connector to the red wire

now soilder the black wire to the short leg on the other LED

now just add the 9V and thats it

then do the same to the other side and add the red wire to the wire before the 9V and add the black to the black wire, use the electric tape to the exposed wires
that one costabout $12 and theres some that cost more and some cost bit less depends where you go
If you're doing this, I'd say consider what lighting effect you want your LEDs to have on the armor.

There are a variety of LED styles out there, some are better for area lighting and some have a more focused cone of light.
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Tick Tock Link. Nah, just messing. I have some links to a site that might help somewhere...if I can find it.

:btw: MC Chris is awsome. The rapper, I mean. And you.

Thanks But i'm of course not the original MC Chris, my name is chris i just think the MC part fits well with the website.

Can always depend on link for electronics, I'm mean he made a freakin awesome Battle rifle :hyper:
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:agree: These people are on here just about 24/7 helping us. But I have no idea how we could reward them. Maybe by showing them their advise helped us so much.
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Will it still work without the resister?
I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you could burn out your LEDs that way.
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Is there a certain type of resister, or can I just grab one offa anything? What if I use watch batteries? Do I need a resister then?
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