X button debate

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sorry for bumping up this old topic, but me and my friends where talking about this and we came to a conclusion that its for close range adn master chief like melees someone and takes their weapon. If any of us our right they should get a free halo helmet.
but i should get the helmet anyways and it should be made by briar.
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the x-butten does make him sprint/speed up

but not in the way you would expect

you start running

press the x

then master chief bends down , farts , and the after burners ignite




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they said right now the "X" button is just team chat. (according to EGM) they also call the grenade thing "MJOLNIR spherical-shield-that-burst-from-return-of-the-jedi-like-thermal-detonator"


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true i kinda want to make it but if its not in the game i might not make more unless someone wants one


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Why have a shield pop out of agrenade though?? It is cool but.. I'm all for a last emergency button. Your surrounded... tap the X button and u got like 5 sec of a master shield.

Sean Bradley

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X button = keg stand?

X button = screenshare.... see where your buddies are?

X button = ATM withdrawl.... convenient for those additional MS points charges. ;-)

Make your guesses people!


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How about a sneak attack, come up from behind someone, press X and snap their neck, that is way better than the normal assassination if you ask me. lol


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Judging by the new layout of the controller, buttons being specific to each hand (trigger, bumpers), I'm guessing that it's to melee with your left hand, so you don't have to drop it when you use your right hand weapon. :dee:
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